Another Martin update

Sadly, the news we received about Jesse Martin last night (that his trip to the hospital was for precautionary reasons) appears to be incorrect.

Denver Post writer Mike Chambers has an update this morning saying that Martin sustained three neck fractures and was scheduled to have emergency surgery in Minneapolis to relieve the swelling in his spinal cord.

Read the update on Chambers’ blog.

Keep Martin in your thoughts and prayers….

4 thoughts on “Another Martin update

  1. Just read the update from Mike Chambers.
    It is scary, sad to see this type of injury happen.
    Last night’s discussions seem so irrelevant now.
    Thoughts are with the Martin family. Get better Jesse

  2. Sad to hear that, and hope he recovers. Brad, how are people (coaches, players, press) talking about the hit? I watched the game and didn’t think it was a dirty or cheap shot, just a hard hit, but with the history between UND and DU, I’m sure people will try to spin this as a black eye for UND. Too bad since overall it was a very clean weekend with good hockey.

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