Dylan Olsen To Leave Duluth

Dylan Olsen is currently playing for Team Canada at the World Juniors and he won’t be returning to Minnesota-Duluth for the second half of the season.

Olsen will sign a three-year contract with the Chicago Blackhawks, Duluth News Tribune’s Kevin Pates reports. Olsen was a first-round pick of the Hawks.

This will probably draw some comparisons to the Kyle Okposo situation from a few years ago, when Okposo left Minnesota midway through the season to sign an NHL contract. But sources say that Olsen would have been academically ineligible for the second semester at Duluth.

The Bulldogs will get defenseman Justin Faulk back from Team USA next week, but will have to replace one of their top point-producing blue liners in Olsen.

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  1. Crb1

    Ouch. Not a good 24 hrs for the dogs. I had initially thought Duluth may lose two players. Olsen to sign an then another player who was in academic trouble. However it appears as though they are one in the same. Is that all you have heard so far Brad?

  2. Sioux in Denver

    I do not have a good feeling about this. He should have stayed and dug his nose into the books and get everything back on track. Time will tell.

    1. siouxfan_17

      I agree. But I guess he doesn’t have the character of Matt Frattin and feels no need to take it like a man and work on his problems.

      1. Olsen is a 19-year-old first round draft pick who could still go play major juniors. Frattin is a 22-year-old fourth rounder who had no other option. If Toronto had wanted him, they would have taken him when he left UND last year.

        1. NM, it appears Toronto did try to sign him although I don’t have the details. So he must have been sure he was going to come back, unlike the impression that was given to the fans last year.

  3. Jon F

    Wasn’t Okposo in some greay area before he left as well?

    Either way I dont wish a mid-season signing or loss of a player for academic reason on anybody… It never helps a team and for the players kinda shows lack of disiplen…


  4. Robert Zimmerman

    Brad, I have a completely off-topic question. Does a slump for Maine help UND in the PWR? For example, if they finish out as a .500 team will the comparison flip in favor of the Sioux, or alternatively hurt the Sioux as other teams are beating an opponent that swept UND? I’ve been wondering if I should cheer for or against Maine, or if it really doesn’t matter that much.

  5. Canadian Fan

    The bottom line is that Olsen’s game has regressed so much, that the Blackhawks were in shock with where he had gone as a player. He has been the worst defenceman in the 28 year history of canada’s participation in this tournament, and completely out of his level. Turnovers, getting burnt 1 on 1, bad position, falling all over the place, and making very bad decisions. It is clear that he cannot cope with the speed of this type of tournament. Once again, I have no bias against the player, but can only comment about how awful he has been. Why would Chicago keep him there, when his game is falling apart? There is a loophole that allows 19 year olds to play pro if they are not drafted in the CHL (Canadian major junior). He will take advantage of the loophole, but I suspect that he will not be able to play at the AHL level and will find himself in Medicine Hat of the WHL. Duluth looks REAL bad on this one. Brett Larson, a former dman, was expected to develop him, as was Sandelin. Bad for NCAA optics when all the major junior guys have developed and the NCAA dman hasn’t. What are they doing in Duluth?

      1. Canadian Fan

        haha….you wish. Pierre doesn’t say too many negative things, but he actually did rip on Olsen a bit so far. The first time I have heard him do so. Anyway, hopefully the kid gets his career back on track.

  6. chad

    Robert Zimmerman,
    Not to confuse you but as soon as Maine plays 10 games against TUC’s(teams in top 25 of RPI) that comparison will flip to UND. Brad, have you and the team made it back to GF yet?

    1. Yes, I made it back Friday morning. Left at about 7:30 a.m. (as did the team). Roads weren’t very good from Duluth to Grand Rapids, but they improved a little bit after that. Got back around 1 p.m.

      1. CanadianFan

        Sunday game – Olsen is very good today in this quarterfinal. left the game with an injury and came back a different player. maybe got frozen on a previous injury. he has been good this game and its a fast game. good for him to bounce back.

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