Genoway Out 3-5 Weeks

UND is expecting to get its captain back this season.

Sioux coach Dave Hakstol said on the coaches show this evening that defenseman Chay Genoway is expected to be out for three to five weeks. Genoway, who suffered a leg injury last Friday at Colorado College, was being evaluated for much of this week after returning to Grand Forks.

Hakstol said the team’s medical personnel were thorough in their evaluation, which continued into Wednesday.

“We’ve really taken time to make sure that we went through the right steps and the right processes,” he said. “I know people want to know right away what’s going on, but that’s not possible in a lot of cases.”

Hakstol said team trainer Mark Poolman and Dr. Greg Greek have been very involved in the process.

Genoway will almost certainly miss the Anchorage series next weekend, given the timeline. After that, UND has regular-season series at St. Cloud State, home against Bemidji State and at Michigan Tech.

The first round of the WCHA playoffs begins in five weeks. The NCAA tournament begins in seven weeks.

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  1. sioux fan

    Good news but we will be fine. We have great players, excellent defensemen, over a a great team. We wontl skip a beat.

  2. krangodance

    if he is out five weeks that means he’ll be back in time for the best-of-three series first round of the wcha playoffs.

    that should give him four or five games to get back into rhythm before the ncaa tournament. this assumes the Sioux do not get bumped out at home in the first round of the wcha playoffs.

    1. Sioux Fan Forever

      What would getting bumped at home in the WCHA playoffs have to do with the NCAA tournament? If you have good enough pairwise, you make the tournament regardlesss of the conference playoffs.

  3. onesioux

    Thanks for the update. I’m just glad its only 3-5 weeks, and not a season or career ender. It looked bad on tv.

  4. MikeyPete

    My question is we know Kristo has frostbite on his right foot and Genoway’s is a leg injury, but why is one a specific injury and other a general injury. Does it have to do where the injury happened ie during a game/practice or off ice? When it does come to players injuries it seems that they are listed as a lower or upper body injury, why are they not more specific or can’t they?

    1. MikeyPete

      I just was wondering why they do what they do. I am trying to understand how injury are reported and why the difference between the two. It seems that football is more open per say about player injuries. If the NCAA has rule in place for injury information then why is it not constant across the boards.

      1. MP: Even if the NCAA has rules in place about injury reporting, which I doubt they do (this is not the NFL where they are trying to control gambling advantages due to injury knowledge), you do realize that one of these is an athletics related injury which many people saw and was public, while the other is not. In the end, we all have rights to medical privacy (even you) and each adult individual has the right to control both the content and timing as to the release of information related to their own medical history as they wish. If the patient is a minor, his/her parents or guardians have control of that information. The coaches and staff do not have control of the release of that information.

        1. RR

          What’s to prevent you from reporting on what Danny Kristo was doing prior to getting frostbite on his foot? Such as where he was, who he was with, what he was doing, what time it was? None of those issues really fall under the heading of medical privacy. But they are all potentially significant aspects to the story. Which is being pretty under-reported.

          1. Dangler

            I think most of us can say “they know” what Danny was up to, but speculation is unfair

            My SIL is a Sioux athlete and she got the story from a memberof the hockey team, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to divulge it.

        2. MikeyPete

          My question is why the difference in how information about an injury is released. I am just trying to understand the difference that’s all. FYI, I do understand HIPPA Laws and Patient Rights. This question has nothing to do with either. Just looking for a little help.

          1. MikeyPete

            I just thought that Brad would be able to help me understand. That’s all I wanted to take away for this.

  5. noel

    Good for him. But headline coming out of XCEL center April 9, 2011: Boston College repeats and wins third national title in last four years. I wouldn’t bet against it as they are the dominant team the past decade.

  6. fan 2

    No matter how long either player is out, this team will do fine. They have talent up front and on the blue line. As witnessed by their dominant performance last Saturday. Two people do not make a team. Saturday’s outcome was not a team playing for their captain, it was a great team playing to their potential. Lets not forget that both Gregoire and Hextall were out and we did fine. Although Chay and Kristo are very good players, we have the collective talent to continue rolling right on through the playoffs. Blue liners like LaPoint, MacWilliam, Marto, Blood, Forbort, and Gleason would stack up against any defensive core in the country, with both phyical strength (Blood MacWilliam), and speed and game inteligence (Marto, Lapoint). While Gleason showed great skills and promise on Saturday night. Lets roll out other names like Fratts, Trupp, Gregoire, Malone, and the list goes on. We are deep in talent and can chew anyone’s tail when they are focused and stay out of the box. The Sioux play great team defense thats what wins them games. Team hockey is Sioux hockey.

    1. DenverFan

      Agreed! This team is more than one player and that’s what makes them special. We need everyone healthy but until that time comes, this group with step and get the job done. BC we will see you in April… we have our own headline in mind. Go Sioux!

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