Jocelyne Lamoureux’s Incredible Goal

In my series preview, I wrote the Lamoureux twins were the real draw for this weekend — not the promotions to try to get UND’s largest attendance numbers ever.

Despite falling 5-3 to Minnesota, the Lamoureuxs showed the more-than-3,000 why they are two of the best in the world.

Monique sniped a power-play goal in the second period, and Jocelyne scored one of the most impressive goals you’ll see… against a goaltender who UND coach Brian Idalski called the best in the world earlier this week.

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    1. David


      “Attacking player may be
      in the crease, provided the
      goalie is not prevented
      from defending the goal.” — NCAA Ice Hockey Rules Committee

      1. siouxfan07

        just like any other league if the pick is in the crease you can be in the crease. Great post David. Probably a goofer fan. Great goal Jocelyne. GO SIOUX WOMEN!!!!!

  1. GF

    Wow… That goal was gross. Getting Idalski was huge for the women’s program but few would argue that the Lamoureuxs saved it. Do you know what the announced attendance was for their game last night? I believe I will be making my way to good ol’ REA tonight and hopefully can see a Sioux win (and some more dangling like this goal).

    1. JD

      The attendance did not break the record last night. I don’t remember the number, but bring yourself and bring a friend. For $7, it’s good bang for your buck.

  2. arleigh

    The Herald article and its headline say “360” move. Technically it was only 180 degrees, as she ended the play on her backhand. Sick move, but only 180.

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