My All-WCHA Ballot

In the interest of full disclosure — and per customary tradition — I am posting my WCHA awards ballot for all to see (and more important, for all to rip). I will also give reasons for my selections.

First team

F — Matt Frattin, North Dakota
F — Jason Gregoire, North Dakota
F — Mike Connolly, Minnesota Duluth
D — Justin Schultz, Wisconsin
D — Chay Genoway, North Dakota
G — Kent Patterson, Minnesota

Comments: Frattin and Gregoire may be the two best forwards in the league. Gregoire was off the radar because of his injury, but he ended up finishing second in WCHA goals per game (only behind Frattin) and third in points per game. He is outstanding in all areas. Mike Connolly gets the nod over his linemates. He scored a lot of goals this year. Schultz put up video-game stats from the blue line and Genoway was second in points per game from the back end. Patterson gets the nod in goal, leading the WCHA in save percent. Minnesota might have been on the road this weekend if not for him.

Second team

F — Jack Connolly, Minnesota Duluth
F — Justin Fontaine, Minnesota Duluth
F — Drew Shore, Denver
D — Jake Gardiner, Wisconsin
D — Eric Olimb, Nebraska Omaha
G — Aaron Dell, North Dakota

Comments: Jack Connolly and Fontaine also put up big numbers. Went with Shore over Zucker on the second team because I thought Shore was the better all-around player. Olimb and Gardiner both had great years. Dell also played a major role in UND’s success. He won the goaltending title.

Third team

F — Matt Read, Bemidji State
F — Jason Zucker, Denver
F — Evan Trupp, North Dakota
D — Kurt Davis, MSU-Mankato
D — Ben Blood, North Dakota
G — Sam Brittain, Denver

Comments: Read was outstanding every time I saw him play. Zucker made a run at the scoring title and maybe should have been on the second team. The final forward spot came down to Trupp, Matt Ambroz, Tommy Grant, Drew LeBlanc, Craig Smith and Jaden Schwartz. Maybe Trupp is my homer pick, but he was one of the most consistent forwards on the top line of the best team in the league. Probably the most dangerous penalty killer and arguably the best set-up man in the league. Felt bad about leaving off Ambroz and not having more UNO guys on the team, but they were really spread out scoring-wise. Kurt Davis led his team in scoring from the back end. Blood racked up a plus-28 while playing against opponents’ top forwards. I believe he and Genoway were the only defensemen to hold the Connollys and Fontaine without a point in a game all year. Also considered Justin Faulk, Matt Donovan and Ben Youds.

Rookie team

F — Jason Zucker, Denver
F — Jaden Schwartz, Colorado College
F — J.T. Brown, Minnesota Duluth
D — Justin Faulk, Minnesota Duluth
D — Nick Jensen, St. Cloud State
G — Sam Brittain, Denver

Comments: Most of these are no-brainers. I had Mark Zengerle in the final spot until the last weekend and opted for Brown at the last minute. That’s a tough call. Both are deserving of being on the rookie squad. Nick Bjugstad also a candidate for that spot. Right or wrong, it probably hurt Zengerle that he was quiet against the Sioux. Went with Jensen over David Makowski and Derek Forbort. I thought Jensen was extremely good against UND this season. He will be a special player.

WCHA player of the year  — Matt Frattin, North Dakota

Comments: Watch this. In the words of SCSU coach Bob Motzko: “Man-child.” When is the last time a WCHA scoring champion was a player who brings the physical presence that Frattin does?

WCHA rookie of the year — Jason Zucker, Denver

Comments: Too bad Jaden Schwartz got injured because it was heating up to be a great race. After the injury, this was a one-horse race.

WCHA coach of the year — Dave Hakstol, North Dakota

Comments: Dean Blais will win the award and George Gwozdecky is a good candidate, but it’s hard to argue with what Hakstol’s squad did this year. This is the first year where the entire squad has been made up of guys who committed under Hakstol. They tied the largest margin of a WCHA title in the last decade. Ranked No. 1 in the country. Finished first in offense, defense and special teams net in the WCHA and overall. The team has the WCHA scoring champ and WCHA goaltending champ. What more can a guy’s team do?

Furthermore, Hakstol was handed a difficult situation last year when Frattin got in trouble and he handled it perfectly. Had he turned a blind eye (trust me, many coaches do), Frattin may have never got on track off the ice. Had he not left the small window open for Frattin to return, Frattin would have signed right away. Hakstol was strict, but also let Frattin know the team cared (walked a very difficult line), and those decisions significantly impacted both this season and Frattin’s future as a hockey player and person. Frattin deserves the credit for his turnaround, but I believe Hakstol’s decisions played a big role in it.

92 Responses

    1. Crb1

      Oh and I can’t really argue with your picks. I agree with your assessment on Coach of the year. I am still trying to process Ciskies picks.

    2. Fight On Sioux

      Denver only wishes Schwartz was a Pio, huh?!

      It’s hard to argue with any of the picks as this league is ripe with talent. Any time players such as Davis, Zucker, and Read are relegated to the third team, you know we’re talking about a deep talent pool. Even a team like Tech, that has struggled mightily in recent years, has been able to throw top-end talent into the mix in the likes of Brett Olson. Had he not been injured the better part of the season, his name surely would have found its way onto a few ballots.

      And perhaps this is a homer comment, but in no way should your inclusion of Trupp be considered a homer pick! There were numerous games this season where he was the best player on the ice-it just doesn’t always show up in the box score…well done.

      1. Jeff

        Anybody that knows anything about Dean Blais knows that he would have yanked Dell, Patterson or Britain 4 times too if he played for him

  1. DenverFan

    I can’t believe you left Marto off. He has 17 points and is a plus 14 and has played against just as many top players and he has had to bounce back and forth from D to F. When Chay was out his numbers were (both scoring and plus/minus) great. I am not saying Chay doesn’t deserve to be there-because he does- but he has 26 points and is only a plus 3- if we give Blood props for having such a great plus/minus how can you ignore the numbers going the other way? Just saying, I think he deserved a vote and if our own local sports writer can’t give him a vote let’s hope some one else will.

  2. can'tyoucoach

    With all do respect Brad

    Frattin saved an embarassing season last year for Hak. If I remember correct Frattin was supposed to sit for the year not half a year.

    Blais is coach of the year!

    Tell me what Hakstol does for this team exactly? Gregoire is averging almost 2 pts per game and so is Frattin that is where the wins are coming from. Put hakstol at UNO and Blais at UND what do you thing would happen?

    Genoway is a good player but I wouldn’t have him on a all wcha 1st or 2nd team. He isn’t the same player before the injury. He gets pushed off the puck easily, doesn’t win battles along the boards and makes questionable plays with the puck. He try’s harder than ever but he isn’t the same player. What’s his plus minus for the year?

    Marto, Lapoint,Macwilliam,Forbort, and Blood, are the defense that keeps this team rolling. Blood should have been first team and you’re crazy to leave Forbort off all rookie team. Forbort is probably the best passer on the team.

    Last but not least this is not Haks team. This is the players team. It has been the players team since Dave came aboard. He can call it his team once he starts showing them how to win instead of just sitting back and letting their talent make him look smart.

    If UND wants they could hire me for 50,000 a year(1/4 his sallary), I’ll donate the free house to hospital familys who need a place to stay, but I’ll take the country club membership. I’m sure I couldn’t be any worse than 0/6 could I? I’ll even practice my stoic dumb looking facial expressions so we don’t skip a beat!

    1. Sara

      with all DUE respect can’tyoucouch kid …. but your ramblings above make no sense whatsoever and i’m embarrassed to have actually read them.

    2. can'tyougrammar

      What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

      1. GF

        You beat me to it. I was going to say that same exact thing. Well played. can’tyoucoach talks GOOD.

    3. Obviously you dislike Hakstol, but this is his team. He recruited every player on this roster. He put the team together. He worked to develop the players. Nobody in the last 10 years, including several Blais teams, has won the league title by more than the Sioux did this year. Only once in Blais’ 10 years did a team win the league, finish first in offense and finish first in defense. Obviously Hakstol did something right this year, as painful as it may be for you to admit it.

      You ask what would happen if Blais was at UND. My guess is that they probably wouldn’t do any better than No. 1 in the league, No. 1 in the nation, No. 1 in offense, No.1 in defense, No. 1 in special teams.

      1. GF

        Well said Brad. As the beat writer for the top team in the country/conference, you have to deal with the riff-raff and its unfortunate. Not to beat a dead horse, but we really appreciate all the hard work, passion, dedication, etc that you put into the team. We – the fans – are the ones who benefit from the long hours you put in. I think your ballot, collectively, makes the most sense. You are able to rationalize the choices you made. Unlike some of the ballots I’ve read today, I could justify voting for each person you have on here (although some of the teams (1st, 2nd) are different on my ballot). I digress. Keep up the good work, and please continue being the most objective, enjoyable beat writer out there.

      2. can'tyoucoach

        My guess if Blais were here we wouldn’t lose to BC everytime we play them, we would have 3 more NC’s, and have more developed players. Malone, Kozek, Bruneteau, Gleason, Kristo, Vandevelde, Forney….. Who did I forget?

        Excuse me I meant embarrassed by BC!

        16 draft picks we better finish 1st!

        Haks not good, our team is always a one or two man show, and Blais is king of college hockey!

        Didn’t Blais embarrass us at home this year?

          1. Cantyoucoach

            Probably the same way Hak blew a 5 goal lead in aa , tied with Cornell last yr, and lost to harvard forgot the year. Didn’t Maine who isn’t in the top 15 embarass us this year too? It sucks that I know what I’m talking about doesn’t it?

        1. onesioux

          This can’tyoucoach guy reminds me of the guy who was posting at the beginning of the year, the guy who said Kristo is way better than Frattin and will score more goals by the end of the year. Funny we haven’t heard from him lately. Or maybe this is the same guy, just with a different gripe?

    4. JT68

      dude, ur comments are way to long, i only got through “with all due respect brad”
      go leave your comments on ciskie’s blog, hah

  3. HockeyFan

    Actually, Genoway is plus 3, scoring 26 points; Marto is plus plus 15, 17 points; Blood plus 28, 9 points: LaPoint plus 16, 8 points; Forbort plus 16, 15 points. I hate to seem like I am bashing Chay-as I am not- he is a special player, but sorry- I would take Marto, Blood or Forbort over him. I am be a purest when it comes to what I want out of my defensemen, but I want defense. I think Chay deserves tons of props for his play, but really these other guys play great D. I only got to watch a handful of games, but in 3 different games I saw short handed goals scored against us on our PP with Chay out there. His push for offense at times seems to be at any cost-which leads to him being out of position to play D. I don’t blame Chay in any form for this-I believe he is doing what Hak wants and it just has burned us. I am glad to see him back for the playoffs, but am honestly hoping that Hak realized that this D core can survive just fine without double and triple shifting Chay. He is at his best when he is letting the game come to him and not forcing things. I know Brad you will defend him until the end- but it’s hard to argue numbers. You point to one series where he and Blood held some great forwards scoreless- but things should be based on the entire season~ Mistake not voting for Forbort for all rookie team, mistake not voting for Marto for any of the teams.

    1. gfhockeyfan

      I agree Forbort should be on the All-Rookie team and your assessment of the D-corp in general. Marto, Forbort, Mac, Blood, and LaPoint breakout the puck so well. In fact, Simpson has improved in this regard, although not at the same level but he is really young still. I will give kudos to Brad for posting his picks. It would be very difficult to pick these teams with the large number of great players in the WCHA.

      As for how anyone can say Frattin is not on the 1st team like was posted on another blog, that is unbelievable. Frattin not only dominates offensively, but defensively and on special teams.

      1. Sioux in Denver

        What blogger kept Frattin off of the 1st team? Did he make their 2nd team? Frattin is clearly a stud.

  4. Go Sioux

    Actually, when you look up all the defensemen Brad picked, Chay who is so fun to watch, has the worst numbers. Go figure!

  5. Drew

    Coach of the year would have to be Blais….UNO competing as well as they have in there first year in the WCHA is pretty amazing

    1. Actually, Coach of the Year maybe should be our dasher board dancer, the Gwoz. He lost 3 All-WCHA forwards, arguably the league’s best D-man, and the POY who was also the Goalie of the Year off his title team, and yet his was the only team still within reach of UND the last 2 weeks of the season. That’s a pretty good job of reloading. Do you think UND will be able to do that next year? I hope so, but it’s doubtful. Having said that, usually COY is current success, so Hak is the obvious choice.

      1. GF

        Agreed. Blais did do a great job, but I think COY should probably be Hakstol or the dasher troll. Also, Blais has a team chalked full of guys who are 24/25 years old. Its not as if they are a young, inexperienced team.

      2. JT68

        Gwoz is a good coach, fun to watch, but i hate seeing DU beat us. watch the prphich pops paukovictch, gwoz goes bananas! great stuff, almost as funny as stupid UM ass coach John Hill on the Frattin Wehrs hit… who goes from a losing UAA head coach to a loser UM ass coach, what a monkey

  6. northdasotan

    I don’t think Blais should get coach of the year just for what he does. He is a great coach, probably one of the best if not the best in college hockey. He did the same thing with UNO as he would have done with any team. That does not win him coach of the year in my opinion. Hak wins it because of what Brad pointed out. I think Brad was accurate with his pics. It would be hard to leave Forbort, Marto and Malone off the teams. Malone may not be the most talented on the team but when the team was not playing as well as they are now he scored some big goals and has been a huge presence on the ice no matter who the Sioux play. can’tyoucoach, you need to go visit another site and spew your stink somewhere else. If you were the coach you sure would not have 7 seniors on the team this year and all the draft pics either. You may get one or two but word would spread fast and you would be a bottom dweller in short order.

  7. omasiouxfn

    I just want to add to what “GF” wrote, as a life long sioux fan, now living in Omaha, i want to thank Brad for all his hard work. I have to get all my updates from the internet/blog and his hard work makes it alot easier, plus have to give him props for putting up his wcha ballot.

  8. StuckDownSouth

    Blais wins coach of the year. He did a fantastic job with a team that finished like tenth in the CCHA last year. If you can bring in a team, and they are predicted by some (the Media) to finish between eighth and tenth, and then they end up in third in the WCHA… you have to give them props. Hak did a great job, but with a great team. There is talent from bottom to top, which yes he did bring in. But they were all supposed to be this good. Blais did some interesting things with players who were not supposed to be that good.

    Chay is that good. He might not be the ideal definition of a d-guy, but he is that good. He has the leadership and ability to play an undefined roll that helps any team that he plays on. The guy is so smooth with the puck that you really have to just watch and enjoy. Is he the Chris Pronger of D….???? NO. But he is very good at what he can do on Defense, Penalty kill, and Power play. I would take him on my team any day.

    I heart hak and what he has done for the fighting sioux while he has been here as the head coach. I would like to see a national championship, but it takes a lot more than great coaching to get one of those. I was one of those that thought they should have tried to get sandelin in after blais. i am so glad that I was wrong. Hak gets it and it seems like his players like to play for him. He keeps them for longer than anyone in the country and he gets (mostly) results.

    Cheer on the fighting sioux nickname and the hockey team. both will prevail at the end of their long journeys this year….

  9. StuckDownSouth

    Oh yeah… and Ciske is an idiot. Have listened to the guy for the last year + and I think he just likes to hear himself talk. Must also carry over to his writing ability. His ballot for WCHA awards was interesting if not funny.

    If you see him in person you should ask him what happened to his noon to one show on the AM Radio 1490 in duluth. It was bad. Very bad. Only thing worse than Ciskie was his co-host on the show. His co-host could only muster a good…”yeah…” for every comment. The two of them knew less about sports than Charlie Sheen does about public relations.

    1. JT68

      Is he as bad as Frank Mazzocco, what a tool. having to watch gopher hockey on TV because the Sioux network was not availible in Fargo… loved when Woog would correct him-especially during und-um games

  10. Ryan

    Great ballot! There is very little to argue here and you backed everything up! Go Sioux! #frattinforhobey

  11. ORSiouxFan

    …what? You realize we’re talking about guys hockey, right? I’m female too and absolutely nothing in this discussion has been offensive.

    On another note…
    I agree with your picks, Brad. Might have switched a few between teams but no matter. Thanks for posting your ballot, and all your hard work this season!

      1. Cantyoucoach

        It’s funny you let everyone rip me but what I say is offensive! Really? Really? You have the most amazing one-sided vision brad. Better warm up the old pen when we don’t make f4 . Let’s hear the same bs about injurys and not the actual reason Hak sucks!

        Fighting Sioux for ever!

        1. Tim F

          Cantyou-shut up, did Hak steal your girlfriend in high school or run over your dog or something… I’ve never seen a rant this much geared towards the coach. The Fighting Sioux are a very successful team; good recruiting and good coaches are the product of what you see everyday. Unfortunately when it comes time for playoffs its a one and done show.. just like bball… either you bring your ‘A’ game or you get beat by ‘Yale’… Obviously the weight of success/failure comes upon the coaches shoulders, but the players too are accountable for looking past games or not leaving it all on the ice. We’ve had a couple of years where the ending has been very disappointing and I think that has stuck into the heads of the many seniors we have. I don’t foresee a let down this year. Either we win it all, or we get beat by a better team. Either way, I’m a fan for life.

        2. Robert Zimmerman

          So who would you replace Hakstol with besides York and Blais. If Hakstol is as incompetent as you say, surely you can name at least 10-15 other qualified candidates. Thanks!

          1. can'tyoucoach

            Does Blais or York have a brother? How about we bring in Sandelin who should have been here in the first place. Let’s give him the same talent and see what happens. Hell lets give anyone the same talent and see what happens.

            To answer from above Hak never did anything to me or slighted me in anyway. I have nothing against him personally, he might be a great guy but when you get the keys to the nicest arena,training facility, best players in the country, and a huge salary he better get the job done.

            We care about NC’s not regular season records. Don’t our game pucks have 7 stars representing 7 NC’s? If it were about regular season records Don Nelson would be the greatest coach ever but because its about NC’s the wizard of westwood is the greatest.

            Fighting Sioux for ever!

          2. can'tyoucoach

            Here is your list of more qualified then Hak

            1. Daniel stauber
            2. Jeff Jackson
            3. enrico Blasi
            4. Keith levinthal
            5. george gwozdecky
            6. Richard Umile
            7. Mike schafer
            8. Jim Tortorella
            9. Jack Parker
            10. Red Berenson
            11. Rick Comley
            12. Joe Marsh
            13.Rick gotkin
            14.Don Cahoon
            15.Rick gotkin
            16. Robert Zimmerman
            17. my lil sister (6yr old)

            Point is anyone could do what he has done so far 0/6. UND is so stacked they would be a good team with anyone behind the bench but they will only be champions again when you have someone who knows more than green ties and confused facial expressions.

          3. In Dave's Defense

            A lot of these coaches; Schafer, Blasi, Umile, (about 50 years D-I head coaching experience between then) haven’t won a national title. I don’t think your sister has won a national in title in the past six years, either, has she? Fact is, a lot of recruits come to UND to play for coach Hakstol. You put some of those aforementioned guys behind UND’s bench along with the other D-III coaches you listed, and I guarantee that UND is not getting the oshies, toews’s, kristos, grimaldis, and other blue-chip recruits that Hakstol has, is, and will continue to get. Point is, anyone else would be 0/6 at UND for the past six years, but would be doing a far worse job. And that, my friend, is the point you are missing; just because some other coach could have gone 0/6 does not necessarily mean they are more qualified than that guy with green ties and confused facial expressions.

          4. Cantyoucoach

            There isn’t one kid that UND has that came to play because of Dave Hakstol. Every kid that plays here came here because of tradition and rea! Get honest before you type. Dave could quit tomorrow and every player who’s coming would still be coming.
            When you watch sweenys interviews have you heard any former player say I loved being coached by Hak? I sure haven’t . I have not heard any player ever say anything about him

            Keep trying fellas.

            Your welcome brad for some actual discussion.

          5. You could say the same about Blais. He quit and every player still came here.

            For everyone else: Before you take this guy seriously, keep in mind that he also said Jonathan Toews didn’t try when he was at UND and that Danny Kristo was a better goal scorer than Matt Frattin. That should tell you a lot about his intelligence. Hootie, what happened to your promise?

          6. GF

            my posts keep getting “replied to” in random spots…

            Brad, I don’t think anyone is at risk of taking this guy seriously. He has done a great job of eliminating any credibility he may have had (from the sounds of it was minimal at best). Hootie says that there is not “one kid that UND has that came to play because of Dave Hakstol.” Thanks for the insight, we are all thankful that you have taken the time to interview every single recruit he has had to solidify that claim. I’m sure all of his recruits are thinking to themselves, “I can’t wait for the tradition of the program and the REA to get me to the Frozen Four – and national championship game – because I know Hakstol has nothing to do with that.”

            And what DID happen to your promise Hootie?

          7. That you would bash a guy who is always out there and available to represent UND and Sioux hockey, while you use a pseudonym that hides who you are is all that is wrong with the internet. But, we can’t change that, can we.

            Hak recruits top notch players, prepares top notch players and then it’s really up to them to perform. Could he be a better game day coach? Maybe, I’m sure not qualified to say. I see nothing that indicates you are either.

            Am I a Hak defender? You bet I am, and I will continue to be, though he certainly doesn’t need me in his corner. His coaching resume needs no defending. He has 2 McNaughton Cups, 2 Broadmoors, 7 NCAA Tournaments and 4 Frozen Fours in his 7th year, and I believe he will win National Championships.

            But, let me relay a story from the Matt Greene era to explain why I truly respect the man, Dave Hakstol, above and beyond the coach.

            He did not know me from Adam. I sent him an email asking if he would let a National Guard kid from our town drop the puck at opening ceremonies for a game while he was home on leave from Iraq. Within 10 minutes of sending the email, I got a phone call from Coach Hakstol. He not only was excited to let this young man drop the puck, he offered to treat his whole family for the weekend at the Ralph. Gave this young man and his family and friends a tour. Then had him and a few friends down in the locker room after the game to meet the team, several of whom spent a significant amount of time with this group genuinely interested in what they were doing in Iraq and for our country. To this day, he has the jersey that the entire team signed for him that weekend. He came back and got his degree at UND (he had been going to a different college before his tour in Iraq).

            I am not ashamed to be a Dave Hakstol supporter, both as a person and as a Coach, and I will continue to be. You, sir, are no Dave Hakstol.

          8. can'tyoucoach

            I tried to look up sports doc 63 in the phone book and missed that name. You wouldn’t be as you call it “hiding behind a pseudonym name.”

            I never attacked Dave as a person as I stated before I don’t know him personally. What he did for National Guardsman is awesome. I would give a hell of alot to have a signed jersey!

            This doesn’t change the fact he is still 0/6! Dave make me an ass and win 2 in a row! Hell win 10 in a row! I want the sioux to win more than I want to be right!

          9. GF

            Hakstol doesn’t have to win 2 in a row to make you an ass. It might be a little late for that.


            those who comment on this blog

  12. Robert Zimmerman

    Yeah, BC does own UND. But don’t forget about Hak’s first year as head coach; the Sioux traveled to BOSTON for the NCAA’s and knocked off BOSTON U and BOSTON COLLEGE. The Sioux had gone 0-3 in their three previous NCAA playoff games under Blais.

    1. Cantyoucoach

      I remember that year didn’t we suck the entire year? Course how could we beat anyone we only had oshie, toews, zajac, stafford, chorney, bina…. Those guys were terrible right?

  13. Siouxfan7inDenver

    Brad, like your picks–its a tough job and some picks aren’t easy. I do have a question though. Will it hurt Frattin’s chances for Hobey if he’s not a unanimous WCHA POY selection? That goofball in Duluth doesn’t even have him as 1st teamer…..

  14. northdasotan

    My comment about coach of the year was directed at this year, not past years. I do think Blais is probably the best college hockey coach of my generation but think this year belongs to Hak. Brad how does anybody leave Knight off the ballot? He has been a very solid player for two years and not one mention. I don’t get to see a lot of college hockey games and don’t get to see any other teams play unless they are playing the Sioux so excuse my ignorance with that question. I have noticed that most people are homers with their pics and I am guilty as well. Maybe Knight was a little too quiet in his 40 point season.

  15. cbrooks

    Bruce Ciskie must not have watch any games this year with his picks. I can’t believe how many people left Ben Blood off the ballot. A good defensemen doesn’t have to have high numbers in scoring. The more improtant state is the +/- ratio.

  16. Trickey7

    Blais is 0-3-1 vs Bemidji state. I will take the bad record against a powerhouse in BC rather than the Beavers. Not sure how his relates to coach of the year, but that is a bad team he was owned by.

  17. Sioux-per-man

    Great Blog Brad. Huge fan!!!

    Thanks for posting the other votes, nice to see the other homer votes. You are off on the Coach of the Year. Hak was great, with a great team, and he may win the whole thing this year. He deserves it. But Blais was hands down the coach of the year, bringing in a team that was picked to finish 8th, soley because everyone new that Blais could coach a squirt team and beat Alaska and Mich Tech. But nobody, and I mean NOBODY, picked his team at 3rd. I still don’t know any of the players on the UNO team, and they beat the Sioux TWICE. One at home AND one at the RALPH. How many of them are drafted by an NHL team? Unlike the Sioux, they seem to have 15-16 players every year and many of them in the first 2 rounds.
    You did say Dean would win the award,

  18. Woody

    I’d move Genoway to the 2nd or 3rd team. I’d consider moving Gregoire down to the 2nd team. Trupp wouldn’t make my list. Hakstol would definitely be my coach of the year. Props for giving Patterson the nod over Dell…definitely fair.

  19. SiouxFan

    Genoway is good, but I would agree that he should be on the 2nd or 3rd team. Without his injury, yeah, maybe 1st team, but I went back and looked at the numbers of all the other D men people were voting for and he did have the weakest numbers. Blood and Marto probably have our best numbers if you include both defense and offense from the blue line. Either way it is this entire D core not just one person that will help guide this team to a championship! Brad I noticed you defended all your choices, but seen as how so many thought you should have picked Marto some where, why didn’t you address that? Thanks for all the hard work. Go Sioux!

    1. I don’t think that Genoway had the weakest numbers — only Justin Schultz had more points per game in the WCHA this season. He also set a record for the longest point streak by a defenseman in program history. There are only six spots for defensemen. There are a lot of good defensemen and only a few spots. It’s not a slight against Marto, I just picked the others ahead of him.

      1. SiouxFan

        Thanks for the response…. I guess I look at more than goals for numbers from the D and although Genoway has scored a ton, he is only a plus 3. All the other D on your list had much better plus/minus and that is what I was getting at. I know you always say he plays against the teams toughest F, but I don’t completely agree with that-if you use that, how did Blood end up with such a good plus/minus? UND is in a fortunate situation to have such a talented D core-I just hope Hak remembers that and doesn’t put it all on Genoway. As good as he is, no one person will lead us all the way-we need the entire team to do that. Thanks again for all the hard work Brad.

  20. Jon

    Gotta disagree. Hak did have great numbers, but also has had a few years of recruiting behind him. Blais came in and had to work with what was there. He had less control over who was on the team, and came out with a great result in a very intimidating league. Not that Hak doesn’t deserve it, because he absolutely does.

    Your ballot does have a pretty significant green tint, but at least you have the numbers to back it up. Ciskie’s homerism is just flat out ridiculous. Putting Jack Connolly, whose points are mostly a by-product of Mike Connolly’s uncanny scoring touch, on the first team over the league’s scoring champion transparently biased.

  21. Editor Guy

    Brad, I think next year you should post your picks directly on the Heralds Web site, they haven’t seen this much traffic and comments on a story since the one about the crazy guy opening another bar in GF, I think he named it the Metal Bar

  22. as

    If the voters vote like they did last year, I believe that Ben Blood will surely be on at least the 3rd team. Ryan McDonagh of Wisconsin was a 2nd Team player a year ago, he only put up 12 points in WCHA play but was a +19. I’m not 100% but I believe his +19 was the highest in the conference. He made the 2nd Team over players like Garrett Raboin, Justin Schultz, Kurt Davis, Cade Fairchild, Matt Donovan and I’m sure quite a few others who put up more points than him but didn’t have quite as good of a +/-. Blood’s +22 and 7 points are pretty similar to McDonagh’s numbers from last year, so I think he should be voted in. In my opinion the most telling stat for a defenseman, regardless if you are offensive-minded or defensive-minded, is the +/-, so I would think that the d-man with the highest +/- would be on at least one of the all-conference teams.

    1. SiouxFan

      I would agree with you on that 100% about what number they should be looking at when it comes to D and would hope Blood would be considered. That’s the part I always find hard to read when people talk about Chay-as great as he is at some much, he was only plus 3 this year with 26 points I believe and for his career, he has a ton of points (116) and is only a plus 1. Brad how do you explain that? Every player has a weakness somewhere and I guess I would say that it Chay’s, but because of his scoring and other attributes-it is over looked.

  23. Jolly George

    Come on now Brad. Do you know why Dean really left? Dean left because he was having too many disagreements with the management team at REA. Brad, before anyone takes you seriously, keep in mind you thought Joe Finely was a great player. That should tell you guys about Brad’s intelligence. It is pretty unprofessional to have a blog and then attack people for having a different opinon then you Brad. It is okay for the other posters though.

  24. GF

    Brad, I don’t think anyone is at risk of taking this guy seriously. He has done a great job of eliminating any credibility he may have had (from the sounds of it was minimal at best). Hootie says that there is not “one kid that UND has that came to play because of Dave Hakstol.” Thanks for the insight, we are all thankful that you have taken the time to interview every single recruit he has had to solidify that claim. I’m sure all of his recruits are thinking to themselves, “I can’t wait for the tradition of the program and the REA to get me to the Frozen Four – and national championship game – because I know Hakstol has nothing to do with that.”

    And what DID happen to your promise Hootie?

  25. Impartial Observer

    If you’re going to rip a coach for a team not winning, you also need to praise him when his team wins. If you wanna blame Hak for all the postseason failures, you better praise him for the regular season successes. I can GUARANTEE you that Hak wants a national title as bad as anyone, and I’m sure there are things he wishes he could have done differently over the years. Ultimately the players play the games, the coaches job is simply to put the guys on the ice who give his team the greatest chance to win. Hockey is a game of bounces and inches, to blame one goal losses on a coach shows your elementary knowledge of the game. I’m not taking sides in the Hak/Blais debate, but lets not pretend Blais teams never had let downs. I recall arguably one of the most talented team in Sioux history falling in the first round in 1998, but I’m sure that one was the players fault…

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