Other All-WCHA Ballots

It’s looking like Matt Frattin will be the runaway winner of the WCHA player of the year award, judging by ballots that other writers have posted. Props to all of the writers who did post their votes, doing so knowing full well they will be criticized no matter how they vote.

The results will be announced Thursday afternoon.

Roman Augustoviz, Star Tribune

Shane Frederick, Mankato Free Press

Chad Purcell, Omaha World Herald

Bruce Ciskie, Duluth radio

Andy Baggot, Wisconsin State Journal

Eric Stromgren, Bemidji Pioneer

Mick Hatten, St. Cloud Times

Mike Chambers, Denver Post (partial ballot)

These guys don’t have an official vote, but also posted their picks:

Chuck Schwartz, UW blog

Chris Dilks, Western College Hockey blog

The College Hockey Blog

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  1. Maple Grove Sioux

    What is Ciskie smoking? Even Chambers (who is notorious for writing scathing blog articles about UND) listed Frattin as first team and POY.

  2. Land Shark

    I really think Knight was overlooked by everyone. I can appreciate that there are a lot of talented forwards in the league this year, however he is the 8th leading scorer in WCHA games (Also had 11 points in 9 NC games). Also, there was only one other underclassmen forward in the top 8 and that was the runaway rookie of year. By my calculations there are 9 forwards that are picked how has he been left off of everyone’s list?? I am not suggesting that he is a first teamer, I just think that his consistent play was overlooked. When you average over a point per game and are left off of everyone’s list (at least everyone’s that I have seen) the only thing I can conclude that there is no love for hard working consistent players that get lost in shuffle with outstanding teammates like Frattin, Gregoire and Genoway.

    Corban that was a great sophomore season!


  3. cfm

    Dear Sports Writer X,

    Player A deserved it way more than Player B. And Player C doesn’t even deserve to be on the 3rd team!!1!

  4. Bulldog

    Ciskie’s picks are disappointing. As a UMD student, I am embarrassed that he could be this big of a homer. We finished 4th in WCHA and saying we stumbled to the finish line would be the understatement of the year. Two guys on the all WHCA first team? Outside the Law Firm of Connolly, Connolly and Fontaine, no Bulldog put up substantial numbers, meaning they were the best players on an otherwise relatively weak team.

    The only team Jacob Cepis should have made is the all WCHA Goon Squad alongside Lee Marvin from SCSU. I watched 6 games Cepis played in this year and the only thing he did well, besides looking like a boy amongst men, was take cheap shots at guys and almost always after the whistle.

    Dan Bakala being your third team Goalie is also extremely questionable. He lost almost twice as many games as he won You can go ahead and argue that it had alot to do with the team in front of him, but he finished 7th in GAA and Save % respectively in the WCHA. Those don’t sound like numbers of the third best goalie in the league.

    Lastly, naming Mike Connolly player of the year is utterly unconscionable. He isn’t even the best player on his team. He scored 5 goals in a game this year. That is an admirable feat and I get that, but when the tough got going (last 4 games of the regular season), Connolly’s contribution was marginal. The WCHA player of the year is unanimous for the first time since Ryan Duncan won in 06-07 (the same year he won the Hobey Baker) and the unanimous winner is going to be Matt Frattin from North Dakota.

    SCSU coach Bob Motzko said it best when he called Frattin a “Man-child”. Thats simply what he is. He has had his way with every defense and goalie in the league and rewarding him with the Player of the Year award is only just.

  5. K

    I understand being a homer but you’d have to be downright moronic to not put a guy who is everyone elses POY as a 1st teamer on your ballot. Additionally, not having Aaron Dell on any of his three teams is maybe even more idiotic. Dell finished the regular season 2nd in the nation in GAA. He has great defense in front of him but geesh give the guy a little credit.

  6. twitch

    I think last year Roman omitted a UW player (I believe Geoffrion) from his entire list that ended up being a WCHA first team. There is one guy every year that makes picks where all you can do is scratch your head. But it does promote discussion so there is your silver lining.

  7. Bryan

    EVERY writer has a homer pick or two on their ballot… Brad will probably be the only one with Trupp on a ballot, but to leave the consensus POTY off the first team, and not give him the vote for POTY is pretty sad. All it does is lessen the integrity of these awards. And I feel bad for most reasonable ‘dog fans too who will unfairly be linked to ciskie’s homerism. Like everyone has said… good for you for posting your picks, shame on you ignoring reality and going with the homer picks… and Dell couldn’t make one of the teams?? He’s going to be the first or second team goalie.

  8. Bulldog

    Couldn’t have said it better myself Bryan.

    I understand that every writer is going to have a homer pick or two, but Ciskie’s picks are awful across the board. Like you said, reasonable dogs fans will be linked to those picks and thats what bothers me the most. Two forwards on the All WCHA first team from a bulldog squad that finished fourth in the WCHA is mind boggling. Especially when there is only one forward on all three teams from the most dominant team in the conference all year long. (Unreasonable dogs fans will argue this, but they just need to be reminded of the not so glorious opening to the new AmsOil Arena when the Sioux embarrassed us 5-0).

    At least Sioux fans have a credible writer to be linked to.

    Seriously….Mike Connolly as POY? Ha!

    1. Scott

      Bulldog, your objectivity and willingness to rip UMD’s beat writer is refreshing and applauded.

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