WCHA Final Five Format

A lot of people have been asking me how the Final Five will work this year and whether the Sioux will be playing the night game on Friday, should they advance past Michigan Tech this weekend.

I asked the WCHA today, and here’s the response that I received:

“The WCHA will finalize the Final Five schedule once the first round of playoffs are over. Teams will be re-seeded #1 thru #6 according to their regular season finish.

The brackets at the Final Five are pre-set. The #1 seed is set for Friday evening. The normal bracket for Thursday is the #4 seed vs #5 seed game in the evening game and the #3 seed vs #6 seed game is the afternoon game.

The only changes will be if Minnesota enters the Final Five as a #2, #3 or #6 seed.

In that case, the Thursday game matching the #3 seed vs the #6 seed is moved to the evening. There is no re-seeding. The #3 vs #6 Thursday evening game winner would then play the #2 seed in the evening game on Friday. (It was determined by the league that it was not fair for the Thursday evening winner to come back and play Friday afternoon.) The Friday afternoon semifinal would then have the #4/5 winner vs #1.”

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  1. siouxphanphil

    thanks brad! only thing… how exactly is it possible for minnesota to be 6th? Isn’t 5th lowest they can go?

  2. StuckDownSouth

    The WCHA is about money. Just like any other conference. And in a round about kind of way some of that money makes its way back to UND. Actually think Final Five is more fun when the Goophs are there as a team. Otherwise only the drunkest of their fans show up and they are worse than Green Bay Packer fans.

    Don’t care when UND plays at Final Five… just want them to play in the Final Five. I’m sure Ralph had some type of saying that went something like “don’t count your chickens before they are hatched.”

  3. Andy

    Jason if you dont like that rule, contact your AD. They are the ones that make that vote. This years vote for that rule was voted 11-1 in favor of it. UND’s AD voted yes for it.

    1. Just wait till Minnesota goes to the big ten then they won’t have to worry about whether they are going to get the night game or not.

  4. GoSiouxGo

    I’m not so certain that UMN will be in the final five anyway. It’s likely but Alaska plays everyone tough and the gophers aren’t the most consistent team. Although, they are playing much better as of late. But truthfully I want to see the Sioux have the chance to end their season once again.

  5. Cantyoucoach

    I have no desire to see the Sioux play minn. The gophs are streaky but when they re on they re on! That young squad they have is gonna be tough as nails next year.

    1. AK

      But when we are “on”, we are ON, and if your watching the same team I am watching, we are def ON!! Win 8 more games for #8!!!

      GO SIOUX!!

    2. JT68

      Cantyoucoach, why would you care… you want the sioux to lose so you can continue your ridiculous tirade against Hakstol. And when have the gophers even been tough as nails. Really!?!? they’ve always been a bunch of pre-madonnas

  6. Drew

    They shouldn’t do the whole Minnesota night game switch arounds…. Everyone knows that building will sell out even if they play the afternoon game. They already have an advantage of having the Final Five next door every season.

  7. Bruce C.

    It’s not about attendance. They could play at 2am and the Gopher fans would come out in droves.

    It’s about TV ratings. Fox Sports North pays good money to do these games, and they sink a lot of time into promoting the event. They want Gopher games at night, and the league has always been willing to capitulate.

    Honestly, I don’t have a problem with this at all, because the league had the good sense enough to make sure the Thursday night winner didn’t have to turn around and play Friday afternoon like the old system required.

    It sucks to bend over for TV, but it’s not a major concession IMO.

    1. Craig O

      Gophers fans will come out in droves? Have you been to a Gopher event? Even in hockey, there are tons of empty seats. Gopher fans follow only of nothing else is happening and the Gophers are good. They travel horribly, UND draws 10 times the road fans, Just ask Mankato, etc. Bandwagon far more then any other team in the WCHA. That comment was a joke. It’s in their backyard and it takes other fans to make it a sellout.

      1. JT68

        right on CraigO! the only thing that they will be doing in droves is leaving the arena with their stupid rodent tails dragging between their legs.

  8. Rick M

    I’m fine with the Sioux playing on Friday afternoon. If/when they win it gives them that much more rest before the game on Saturday night.

  9. Mark K

    Plus, if the Sioux do play in the afternoon game on Friday and win….they would have a longer break before the night game Saturday unlike the winner of the night game Friday. Just something to think about.

  10. Sioux in GF

    It is about attendance–for the arena. It is in the WCHA’s contract with the X that the Gophers have to play the night games.

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