Lauridsen Signs With Philly

A second WCHA player has given up college eligibility to sign an NHL contract.

St. Cloud State junior defenseman Oliver Lauridsen has signed with the Philadelphia Flyers, the team announced on its official Twitter site.

Lauridsen had one goal and eight assists for the Huskies this season. For his career, he had seven goals and 22 points. St. Cloud State also loses Brett Barta on the back end.

Early signings in the WCHA

St. Cloud State (1)
Oliver Lauridsen, jr, d, Philadelphia Flyers

Wisconsin (1)
Jake Gardiner, jr, d, Toronto Maple Leafs

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  1. JT68

    i also heard that the goofs d-man aaron ness will also forgo his senior year, looks like garth snow nabs another gopher, He was thought to be be a big incoming player, but never panned out. NHL in his future? doubtful, but time will tell

  2. ddm

    Hey Brad … what is the word on Kristo’s future, hockey and otherwise? Have you heard any ‘whisperings’ of any Sioux players potentially leaving early?

    1. Nothing imminent. There will be guys who have decisions to make after the season, but I get a sense that everyone is so focused on what’s happening now that they haven’t given it a ton of thought.

  3. Irish

    I would think Kristo has quite a bit of developing to do before he’s NHL ready. I really hope Gregoire sticks around for another season. Which players do you think will have the option of moving up next year?

  4. Jason

    Kristo needs a ton of work! He has moments of greatness, but overall he sill looks very young on the ice. Even after 4 full years with the Sioux, I don’t think he’ll be NHL ready. He’ll probably need a few extra years to get there. Someday, I think he’ll be good though.

  5. GoSiouxGo

    I doubt Kristo will leave this year. Gregoire is definitely showing that he has the potential to make the leap. I’d say Blood is about ready too. Personally I don’t think any of the players will be on the road this year as they all have room to grow here. My opinion is Gregoire is the likeliest. It’s surprised me how Hak and company have been able to hold onto their blue chippers and I expect no less next year.

  6. Cantyoucoach

    Vande hasn’t seen ice time in the NHL yet gregoire should consider that. Gregoire needs to develop some passing skills first. Johnathan toews plays in the same spot toews did and look at how good he is at getting the puck to open players as well as score.

    As for kristo he could definately use some more size before the NHL.

    Frattin will be playin nhl hockey next year. Go maple leafs!

    Forbort will be here next year and since he scored 15 PTs so far as a freshman you gotta love the possibilities.

    1. Dakota Skys


      I am not sure what you mean or where you are going with your comment that “Gregoire needs to develop some passing skills first”. He has 17 assists in 32 games (41 points) and is arguably the best all around player on the team.

      I do not want him to go yet but he has been on a tear since returning from injury (averaging nearly 2 points per game since returning). With the Islanders holding his rights I think he will get alot of pressure to sign this offseason.

      Hopefully he stays and we have a very dynamic first line for next fall.

      Dakota Skys

  7. Dakota Skys

    I am going out on a limb and predicting that Kristo stays as he will not want to go out with all that has happened.

    Dakota Skys

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