Russell Out At Michigan Tech

Jamie Russell is out as head coach at Michigan Tech, the school announced tonight.

Michigan Tech, severely hampered by injuries, finished the season with a 4-30-4 record. Russell resigned.

Russell, the 2007 WCHA co-coach of the year, has been at Michigan Tech for eight years. He led them to one WCHA Final Five.

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  1. UNDFAN333

    I think Russell deserved a better fate than this. My guess is that he lands on his feet somewhere and continues to coach. My question is who is Tech going to get to replace him. I’m not sure that some of the top assistants in the league would dare touch this job.

      1. Fighting Sue

        You are both delusional. Russell was allowed to resign (not bad fate). Most people would have carried him off campus and chased him out of town with torches and pitch forks! Who cares who Tech gets to replace him… the guy who drives the zamboni could coach Tech to a 4 win season. Remember, Russell’s best season was one game over .500 in 8 seasons with Tech.

        When UND wins four games in one season, I will check back to see if you want heads to roll.

  2. Woody

    Yeah, Russell certainly shouldn’t be taking the fall for Tech’s woes. There are a lot of barriers to being successful up there on the UP.

    1. Fighting Sue

      You are exactly right. Russell has absolutely nothing to do with it! It’s too cold in Houghton, the academics are way too demanding, the girls basketball team gets all the quality ice time, the rink is flooded with raw sewage, the players are forced to wear skates that are three sizes too small…. the list goes on and on… just know Russell doesn’t have a hand in this! I only wish he had been allowed to recruit the players that laced it up for Tech for the last four seasons.

  3. northdasotan

    With the exception of this year it seemed Tech played well against the Sioux in all the games that I have watched. They came close to knocking the Sioux out of the playoffs one year. I hope Russell lands on his feet and is successful where ever he goes. I liked the guy. I don’t think this season is at the hands of the coaches in Tech’s case.

    1. Fighting Sue

      I would like the guy too if my team beat his consistently. Why would Tech make a change, UND only outscored MTU 28-4 this season?

  4. Bryan

    I see both sides here… it is hard to defend a coach who got 4 wins this season. On the other hand, they were devastated by injuries, and do not have the depth like UND to overcome that. He seems like a stand up guy, and I am sure he will continue to coach somewhere, and like someone said previously, who are they going to get to come coach in Houghton now?? John Hill? Oops, lets keep him in Minnesota.

  5. onesioux

    Best of luck to Russell, and hopefully Tech finds someone that can turn that program around. Going to be a tough job though for sure.

  6. Jon F

    I feel the russle wold be a great canidate for the Penn State Job. and a lot easier place for recruiting.

  7. Jonas the Indian

    Fighting Sue – you’re just taking out your fat aggression on the huskies. 20 bucks says you play softball and bench 250 lbs

  8. Mike

    I wonder if we will see steve Johnson get one of these head coaching vacancies or if he is more particular about where he might apply.

  9. Craig

    I graduated from Tech in 1979. Tech has a proud hockey tradition, but there have been far too many lean years. Jamie Russell may be an upstanding guy, a nice guy, but you know what they say about nice guys. 70 wins and 193 losses in 8 years just isn’t getting it done. High academic standards hurt recruiting efforts, but it’s not an impossible task. I envy UND’s program. I only hope that the Huskies will one day be able to again compete with the Sioux.

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