Frattin is Hobey finalist

Ten finalists were announced for the Hobey Baker Award and UND senior Matt Frattin is one of them. The list:

Matt Frattin, UND
Jack Connolly, UMD
Justin Schultz, UW
Cam Atkinson, BC
Paul Thompson, New Hampshire
Chase Polacek, RPI
Carter Camper, Miami
Andy Miele, Miami
Gustav Nyquist, Maine
Paul Zanette, Niagara

7 thoughts on “Frattin is Hobey finalist

  1. Brad- does two Miami players on the list help Frattin’s chances of making the final 3? How have players fared in the past when sharing the final 10 with a teammate?

  2. Surprised there is no goalie. And I know Schultz has the points but I would have had Gardiner on there as I think he’s the better all around guy. But I’m sure Schultz was the one pimped by Wisconsin

  3. I see Miele, Frattin, and Atkinson as finalists. From there, it will be interesting what happens, honestly, anyone can win.

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