The Experts Say…

Adam Wodon of College Hockey News and Jayson Moy of both have posted their projected brackets. Mike Machnik even projected an alternative bracket.

And they all say the same thing.

There are subtle differences between the brackets, but all of the experts believe that UND is going to Green Bay and will play RPI in the first round. The all also say that Western Michigan vs. Denver will be the other game in the Green Bay regional.

Check out the expert brackets:


Wodon, College Hockey News

Machnik’s alternative bracket, College Hockey News

2 Responses

  1. Jason

    They’re going to make the two best WCHA teams take each other out before the frozen four? ERRRRR>……………………………..

  2. Esox

    Sure looks like they will, actually, didnt they do the same thing in the Womens hockey bracket of 8… Placing Wisco vs UMD in the fist game and UMtc in their side of the bracket as well…


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