North Dakota ABC Stations To Carry RPI Game

UND’s Midwest Regional game against RPI at 12:30 p.m. Saturday will be carried on WDAY (Fargo), WDAZ (Grand Forks), KBMY (Bismarck) and KMCY (Minot).

Radio coverage will be 96.1 FM in Grand Forks and 970 AM in Fargo.

For those who can get ESPN3, it will be on there as well.

As far as national TV coverage…. stay tuned…. I will pass along information when it becomes available.

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  1. SoDak Fan

    This really is not good for those of us outside the state of North Dakota. Why can’t FSSN pick up the feed?

    1. scott hayden

      FIGHTING SIOUX fans in rochester mn i spoke with the manager of DOOLEY’S and he will have it on a tv in the bar. come all!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. FAN

    Sioux support is nationwide. I hope we can get TV coverage everywhere. I live in Oregon and will be very dissappointed if we can’t get some coverage for a national title tournament in a division I program.

  3. Yajji

    Hey Brad… I have ESPNU through Midcontinent in Bemidji… looked ahead on the guide and it says Lacrosse is going on! Not very excited and had a couple nightmarish flashbacks of a couple years back… I know to stay tuned, but wanted to vent a weeee bit!!! Go Sioux!!! Thanks for all you do!

      1. Wayne

        I just checked my ESPNU guide on CableOne in Fargo. It now shows for Sunday 11:30-2:00, replay of game 1 from Green Bay. At 2:00-4:30, replay of game 2 from Green Bay, and “Live” at 4:30-7:00 the championship game from Green Bay. At least that is what it shows right now!

    1. GoSioux

      I think everyone needs to send emails into ESPN to express our desire to have the hockey games on something other than ESPN3 and to mention that we missed part of our game a couple years ago to a regular season Lacross game. Fighting Sioux hockey has the largest fan base in college hockey and for those of us not in ND we want to be able to see the game. They would never delay a D1 basketball game for a regular season lacross game.

      1. Irish

        We need to get a campaign together to encourage them to actually cover the sport. College hockey has so much potential to be more than just a niche sport, it’s criminal the way we are crammed into the ESNN basement like a red headed stepchild. I would think with all the talent, fans, great atmosphere, and the fact a lot of players have already been drafted, college hockey could have a very successful market.

  4. Toph

    Say, I seem to see conflicting stories on the time of the game. (11:30, 12:30). Is this 12:30 est. or cst. Thanks

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