Viewing Today’s Game

To answer any TV questions….

Today’s game will be on ESPNU at 4:30 p.m. Central. It will NOT be picked up by FSSN, Midco Sports Network or any other local station.

For those with digital cable in Grand Forks, it is Channel 320.

For those with DirecTV, it should be Channel 208. For those with Dish Network, it should be Channel 141.

If you do not get those channels and you live in the Grand Forks area, you can go to Ralph Engelstad Arena, which is hosting a viewing party. Parking and admission are both free and they will serve hot dogs for $3 and beer for $3.

The game also will be streamed on, if you are able to get that.

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  1. Wayne

    Brad, I’m anxious to see how ESPNU handles our game today. Yesterday they did it again to the first game of the day by joining it late as they were completing a long lacrosse game like they did to us before. I see a potential problem today and wonder what they will do? The first two games shown today are replays of our region games from yesterday. Then we play at 4:30. But the game right before us will more than likely be the double OT Denver game. If it is, how the heck will they leave that and jump to today’s game? Knowing ESPN, I wouldn’t be surprised at anything they do!

  2. Michael


    Yesterday was able to watch the DU game on ESPN3 on an XBOX. It’s a standard feature if one has XBOX Live. It was HD quality, and I was blown away at how good the quality was. Just letting people know so they do not have to watch it on their computer.

    1. Jason

      If you simply hook your laptop up to your T.V., you can watch it on your T.V. also. Almost all Plasma, LCD, and LED t.v.’s have the monitor port.

        1. KB

          Only problem is if you’re like me and have Qwest, ESPN3 doesn’t work. It’s only if your ISP has ESPN3. Qwest does not.

          On Dish Network I watched Denver-W. Michigan yesterday on channel 444. It was a feed picked up by a Denver based sports channel. Not sure if it’s going to be on there again but it’s in HD so worth a shot to check. It’s frustrating on Dish, I get ESPNU, but it’s not available in HD.

  3. northdasotan

    What a great thing the Ralph is doing for the fans. Even though I will not be there…Thank You. If I didn’t live 250 miles away I would go just for the atmosphere. Go Sioux

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