Frattin Named Hobey Hat Trick Finalist

UND senior forward Matt Frattin is one of three finalists for the Hobey Baker Award — joining Miami’s Andy Miele and Boston College’s Cam Atkinson in a group known as the Hobey Hat Trick.

The winner of the award will be announced April 8 at the Frozen Four.

UND’s only winners of the award have been Ryan Duncan (2007) and Tony Hrkac (1987).

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  1. Tupa

    Any reason for the early announcement? Was it because of Atkinson’s tweet? Is this “unofficial” until tomorrow?

    Either way, congrats on great seasons for Matt, Andy, and Cam!

    1. Colorado fan

      It’s been that way the whole year. As my accounting teacher said at UND. It all comes out in the wash! Win the title and they all look like goofs.

  2. Irish

    The CHN report kinda through Frattin under the bus and didn’t make a great case for him. I don’t know this young man personally but it seems to me he is more focused on winning a national title than bringing home the Hobey.

    1. Sara

      doesn’t matter because the winner has already been decided. the leading vote getter from the hobey hat trick is the hobey winner.

  3. Mike

    Brad-I realize this is off topic, but did anyone correct the columnist for the local Green Bay newspaper? I noticed the Saturday newspaper stated that the University of North Dakota was located in FARGO, ND.

  4. Ed

    Typical of the media. Has to be a Hockey East player or someone from a team with a more politically correct moniker. Congrats to all the finalists. Congrats to the Sioux team.

  5. Sioux-per-man

    Does Frattin win this hands down?
    I really don’t see anyone that has a stronger season, or a body of work that would take this away from him THIS year. You look at the votes that are shown on the Hobey Baker top ten list, it isn’t even close, (granted that comes from passionate Sioux fans taking the time to vote).
    With year he is having, the year the team is having, he is the only one left PLAYING in the frozen four, and has a good story of coming back and making a difference. He HAS to be the winner!!!
    Don’t you think?

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