Practice Update

UND just finished practicing at the Xcel Energy Center and conducted a more entertaining than usual press conference featuring coach Dave Hakstol, captain Chay Genoway, forward Jason Gregoire and forward Brad Malone.

The Sioux practiced with their regular lines, although forward Mario Lamoureux left before the shootout. No word on if he was shaken up or what, but he didn’t participate in the shootout.

So, who won the weekly showdown? The goalies. They stoned finalists Brett Bruneteau and Taylor Dickin to earn the attack from teammates. The highlight of the shootout was Karl Goehring making a nice move to score a goal.

I saw two former Sioux players in the stands at practice in Brad Miller and Ryan Martens. They both talked about how much more nervous they get watching. “Playing is easy, watching is hard,” Miller said.

Also ran into Sioux fans from all over the country, although there weren’t as many in attendance as I was expecting.

At the press conference, Red Berenson said that he almost went to UND to play. He said he was choosing between the Sioux and Michigan. So, when the Sioux got on the podium, the Star Tribune’s Chris Miller asked Dave Hakstol and Chay Genoway where they would be today if Berenson went to UND and was in his 30th year of coaching at UND right now.

They both laughed and Genoway said about Hakstol: “Well, I know he wouldn’t be in the golf business.”

Berenson said he didn’t know if Brandon Burlon would play tomorrow. Burlon practiced the entire time and my guess would be that he’s definitely in. David Wohlberg, who suffered a broken collar bone, also skated lightly in practice but sat out once the team started drills. He won’t play.

We’ll have several stories in the paper tomorrow along with the special section (and I’ll blog details of how to get a copy of it if you wish). But that’s it for now from the Xcel Center.

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  1. StuckDownSouth

    Who’s going to be there??? A bit of a roll call….
    Sec 118 Bar Rail.

    Might be sleeping in the car or having the taxi bring me to the closest hotel with a room available… but I’m going to be there…

  2. Irish

    My heart is already pumpin just thinking about tomorrows game. ESPN did a nice write up on the Sioux and Michigan’s coach seemed to be trying to inflate our egos with his glowing assessment of our team. I hope he knows our guys have their eyes solely on the prize and are susceptible to that kind of flattery. Good luck Sioux, let’s hang another banner this year!

  3. LAS

    Cushion #3 on my couch. Family Living room. Western North Dakota…. Bummer.

    Have fun to those who are going and represent Sioux Nation well!!!

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