Off To Cover Hobey Ceremony

I’m headed back to the Xcel Center to cover the Hobey ceremony, and just to give Sioux fans a heads up, I talked to a lot of voters in the last week and I would be stunned if Andy Miele doesn’t win the award.

I don’t think anyone has a big problem with Miele winning it. He had a great season and put up more points than anyone in college hockey since 2002-03. Watch his highlight video, too. It’s impressive.

That being said, I’m not going to get into details about what I heard about some ballots because you will lose your mind. Some voters had it out for Matt Frattin.

The award will be announced at 6 tonight.

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  1. ORSiouxFan

    Anybody who follows the forums or comments online at all shouldn’t be surprised by the “had it out” comment. The Sioux aren’t exactly the most well-loved team by opponents. It would follow that the voters would have some negative feelings, as well. Its unfortunate but true.

  2. Ranger

    Has the Hobey Baker award become relatively meaningless (that’s assuming it was ever significant)…especially if it’s coming down to political likes or dislikes? Your comment “had it out” for Frattin is disturbing. These so-called voters should be called out and held accountable for their adolescent behavior.

      1. Ranger

        10-4… certainly gives an appearance of vindictiveness and lacking professional responsibility. Both issues my employees fires people for.

      2. I saw the ceremony on ESPN-U and the word ‘character’ was used more than once. All else being equal, the fact that Frattin had a few run-ins with the law and (as far as I have read) Miele did not, may explain Miele’s winning it. However, it does not explain people voting Frattin as low as 5…

  3. jt68

    Frattin dealing with his minor issues show more character then most anyone that i know. Everyone knows he is a real character guy, and that he is a terrific hockey player. good luck to him in the future.

    1. puck

      Being arrested twice is more than having minor issues. These should not follow the kid all his life as he seems to have gotten his act together, but the Hobey does take character into account.

  4. GoSioux

    ….don’t think Mele had his entire team there supporting him! Frattin is a bigger winner than Mele even if he didn’t get the hobey!

    1. puck

      The Miami players would have had to pay their own way to St.Paul. Not exactly in a college kids budget. Do you truly believe that all of the Sioux players would have been their had the team not been at the Frozen Four?

  5. Ole in MSP

    Winning the Hobey or for that matter the Heismann has usually not been a great help for the future careers of athletes. Matt will do very well in the NHL and again show that players coming to UND are more ready to play at the next level than a lot of other schools.

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