Frattin Signs, Will Make NHL Debut Tomorrow

Matt Frattin didn’t win the Hobey Baker Award, but Friday was a big day for another reason.

Frattin signed a pro contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs and he will get to make his NHL debut tomorrow night in the NHL’s biggest rivalry — Leafs vs. Canadiens.

The Leafs will burn a year of his two-year deal in order lock him up. If they did not, they would risk losing him, because he would have been a free agent come mid-August.

The game will be on Hockey Night in Canada in Grand Forks.

Frattin is taking the team bus to Grand Forks tonight and is expected to arrive around 1 or 2 a.m. Then, he will board a 7 a.m. flight out of Grand Forks that goes back through Minneapolis-St. Paul en route to Toronto. He had to go back because he didn’t have his passport.

The whole Sioux team stuck around for the award ceremony.

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  1. jt68

    Hell of a year Fratts, thanks for coming back! Frattin will definetly have a great career in the NHL, Miele won’t make it out of the AHL. goes to show that the NC$$ and most everybody in the country has it out for the sioux (jealous much).

    1. StuckDownSouth

      winning the hobey does not say that you will be the best pro. i think that Frattin should/could have won it, but it has nothing to do with who would be the best player in the pros. Duncan won a hobey. Have not seen him in an NHL jersey. Just saying….

  2. ND Budget Surplus

    Too bad he isn’t playing in St Paul on saturday. Oh well. Good luck in the NHL Matt! I predict a goal in game 1!

  3. Dakota Skys

    Nice career young man!! Thank you for leaving it all on the ice and giving the Sioux Family your best every night. I will catch you on the Center Ice Package.

  4. siouxfanfan

    good luck frats! you have been an inspiration for many youngsters to come. maybe you didn’t have the best character career, but i think you still deserved the hobey. everyone over comes obstacles, so for anyone to say that your junior year put a damper on your trophy hopes, that’s just idiotic. you obviously turned your life around. everyone has life changing moments. yours just happened to be in the spotlight. i’m proud to be a und fan, and i hope you have an extremely successful nhl career.

  5. Hobby frattin

    He showed how we wish we all would we want to react to the low points and come back stronger.

  6. Yes it is to bad Frattin did not win the hobey. With that being said I do not think picking a winner has anything to do with what you possibly do at the next level, it is what you do at college. Looking at numbers you have a case for both Frattin and the guy who won.

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