Report: Montreal Offers Dell

As UND waits for decisions on whether several drafted players will turn pro or return to school, there is an undrafted player who is attracting NHL attention, according to one person.

Sophomore goalie Aaron Dell, who went undrafted, has received a two-year contract offer from the Montreal Canadiens, according to goalie coach David Marcoux, who is based out of Dell’s home province of Alberta. That’s not to say that Dell will definitely sign that contract, but add Dell to the long list of players to watch this offseason.

Dell had an outstanding season, finishing first nationally in goals-against average, wins and shutouts. He was named the INCH national goaltender of the year and a second-team All-American.

In other early departure news, there have been rumors floating that Brett Hextall has signed with Phoenix. However, when contacted late Saturday night, a Phoenix spokesperson said: “We have NOT signed Brett Hextall.” Again, that’s not to say it won’t happen. Hextall is definitely one to watch. It just didn’t happen as of Saturday night, according to the Coyotes. Phoenix’s assistant general manager told a radio station last week that the team planned to soon sign Hextall.

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  1. GFmesaboy

    I know it’s a silly little spelling error, but there are several definitions for the word ‘providence’. One of them is “a manifestation of God’s foresightful care for his creatures”. Being that I live in one of those ‘providences’….Saskatchewan….and am a UND grad….it is now confirmed to me that this place is a little part of heaven on earth! It is also confirmed that Aaron Dell is one of UND’s greatest goalies…..and one of God’s creatures. If he goes to the Habs….Aaron and Carey Price will rule the NHL in the coming years!!! Go Aaron…..GO FIGHTING SIOUX!!!!

  2. Crb1

    Ouch. If he does sign that would be a tough loss. I sure hope all the talk of players leaving early would quickly reveal itself but it may be weeks before we find anything out. This is the worst part of the offseason.

  3. Arleigh

    God help him if he does. I can think of a million other jobs that rank higher than being a goalie in Montreal. There is too much expectation and less than zero love for the tenders in that town. *Shudder*

  4. Chicago Sioux Fan

    I know he had a great year…but wow this rumor is a little surprising to me considering he has had only one great year and that was with a great Defense in front of him.

    If he signs I wish him all the luck, he earned his shot.

    Brad, if he does sign do think they will bring Gothberg to UND in 2011 instead of 2012?

  5. Sioux in Hutch

    I think that while losing Dell would not be a good thing, people have to remember Eids is still a stud goalie. There would be a lot worse things than going into the year with Eids and Gothberg as goaltenders. Next years team is going to have to worry more about who will score more than who is going to be between the pipes.

  6. XYZ

    If Aaron Dell’s ultimate goal and end game is to play professional hockey he had better jump on this offer if the money is where he and his advisor want it. He will probably never have another season like this past one. I’m sure Montreal is just trying to stay ahead of the game with this offer before more teams jump in. They really have nothing to lose offering him a two year deal. If he turns out to be an NHL goalie, great. Montreal will look like geniuses. If not, it’s just a two year deal that did not work out. This is a no lose situation for Montreal. Good luck to Aaron whether it is here at UND or in the Montreal organization. He certainly pulled his share of the load in the drive for number 8.

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