Gadowsky Named Penn State’s Coach

With loads of speculation that Minnesota-Duluth men’s coach Scott Sandelin or Wisconsin women’s coach Mark Johnson could be leaving the WCHA to take over as the head coach of the Penn State men’s program, the Nittany Lions went a different direction.

Guy Gadowsky, who was the head coach at Princeton, was hired Sunday to coach the Nittany Lions, who will begin play in 2012-13.

The announcement was made by Penn State.

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  1. Mike

    Brad-this is not on topic but a correction to Mike Jacobs would be appreciated since his column today is in the present tense and indicates that the Big Ten conference is already in place. I am hopeful that some of these outstanding issues with the nickname will get worked out before the Big Ten conference starts play so we can continue our rivalries with Wisconsin and Minnesota. Of course Jacobs column insiuates that these matchups will cease next year.

      1. Robert Zimmerman

        What Mr. Jacobs fails to realize is that those universities like Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa, who refuse to play schools with hostile and abusive logos, DO NOT and HAVE NOT BEEN playing UND in athletics in the first place, except for the four hockey games we get against Minnesota and Wisconsin every year.

        With the creation of BIG 10 hockey, I highly doubt Minnesota and Wisconsin could even play UND every year even if they wanted to; i.e., more willing non conference opponents than games that can be scheduled for UM and UW.

        Oh yeah, I guess Maine and Boston College apparently aren’t going to play UND anymore, according to Mr. Jacobs? As editor and publisher I want to give him the benefit of the doubt because I know he wouldn’t want to diminish his and the herald’s integrity by printing something unfounded and untrue. But as we all know, Boston College and Maine both visit Grand Forks for the first two weekends of next hockey season.

        And finally, Mr. Jacobs is wrong about what he considers to be the cruelest irony of this situation. The cruelest irony of this situation, Mr. Jacobs, is that the NCAA continues to pretend to be the bastion of political correctness by refusing to allow UND to keep its nickname while allowing exemptions for athletic teams heralding such nicknames as the Seminoles, Indians, Tribe, Braves, Chippewas, Utes, and ignoring other similar, yet non-native american nicknames such as the Ragin’ Cajuns, Quakers, Fighting Irish, etc.

        Sorry, rant over.

    1. puck

      Uh, it is a large school with a national presence that is starting up a D-1 hockey program. It’s impact has been felt all over the college hockey landscape, with teams leaving major conferences and starting a new one. Also impacted were multiple teams whose coaches either were rumored to be candidates to start Penn State’s program, actually interviewed for the coaching position, or left their current program to be PSU’s first coach. These coaching rumors and moves could also have an effect on recruiting. There are also the yet to be answered questions of scheduling with the Big 10 teams, rumors of merging leagues, rumors of new leagues, and questions about the potential of other schools starting up D-1 programs in the future. College hockey is undergoing numerous changes with PSU’s startup. Hope that is an answer to your question about the hype surrounding this new program.

      1. Viking1

        Perhaps I should have specified “positive hype”, as most of the changes you have referenced are not conducive to a positive evolution in the college hockey landscape. The only exception is the remote possibility other campuses may be starting division I programs (a scenario highly unlikely in the current economic climate)…….:-)

        1. Viking1

          BTW; that’s nor say Penn State’s program initiation isnt very welcome; just not some of the change it is spawning….:-)

          1. puck

            Whether the change is positive or not, it is happening, and it is part of the business of athletics. Hopefully, in the long run, the positives will outweigh the negatives, and we will see college hockey grow. I would imagine that there are numerous schools watching Penn State very closely to see how this plays out.

  2. Dustin

    At first glance, I thought it read “Gwozdecky named Penn State’s Coach.” I’m sure PSU would have been interested in him.

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