Herter To Duluth, Etc.

Another former Sioux player has worked his way into the college coaching ranks.

Jason Herter is leaving his job as Fargo Force head coach and general manager to be an assistant coach at Minnesota-Duluth under Scott Sandelin, a former Sioux defenseman.

That means the Force will be looking for their fourth coach in four years. The previous three all had Sioux ties — Dean Blais (former head coach), Steve Johnson (former player) and Herter.

Byron Pool was named interim head coach, but Lincoln Stars head coach Chad Johnson (a former Sioux player) could be a candidate to replace Herter. Former Sioux defenseman Andy Schneider is an assistant under Johnson in Lincoln.


Minnesota also will have a new assistant coach this season.

The school announced that John Hill will not be returning and several news outlets have reported that Mike Guentzel will be coming back to campus to fill that spot.


East Coast media outlets reported this weekend that Wisconsin coach Mike Eaves was a top candidate for the Devils job.

But Eaves tells the Wisconsin State Journal that he has not had any contact with the Devils.

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  1. hockeyfan

    It is about time that John Hill goes. He was a lazy coach and the Gophers just got better!!!!

    1. SiouxperKev

      I met John Hill a few times when he was an assitant at CC and & at MN. I was not impressed. Not a very respectible man if you know what I mean. Never understood what Lucia seen in him.

      Just as shocking though is Guentzel coming back to MN. He did not leave on the most positive terms. I would think the only reason Mike would come back would be because he sees an opening for a head coach in the near future.

  2. I came across an article on The Wall Street Journal today saying JT Miller has indicated he plans on playing one year at North Dakota before moving on. Have you heard anything like this from JT Brad? I know even the best laid plans always have a way of changing, but who was the last “one & done” player at North Dakota? It seems like the program and staff does an exceptional job of keeping even the highend blue-chippers for at least two years…

    1. What I learned this weekend at the draft is that a lot of those reporters are clueless. JT never said anything like that. When he’s ready to go, he’ll go… whether that’s after one, two or three years. As you said, even Toews stayed two years.

      1. northdasotan

        You said it all with the Toews statement. I don’t know if there is going to be a player on the ice at the Ralph next season who will accomplish what Toews has, to date in the NHL. I could be wrong but I don’t see any of the incoming freshman being one and done and leaving for the NHL. I think Frattin proved what a player can do staying in college and playing for the Sioux. Whatever he does though, I am excited to watch him this season.

  3. Crb1

    That is right on Northdasotan. Frattin and that class hopefully set some examples for the young guys on what a committment is all about.

  4. Jolly George

    The last one and done I can think of is Ed Belfour, and it looks like he did ok for himself. Toews was 17 when he joined the Sioux, so JT Miller we be the same age that Toews left if he stays one year. You can’t ask these kids not to live their dream to satisfy your own selfishness. Make millons of dollars and live my dream or try to make some “fan” happy by risking injury when I feel I am ready for the next level. Seems like a no brainer to me.

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