Jets Unveil New Logos

The Winnipeg Jets have unveiled their new logos. What are your thoughts? Which one is your favorite?

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  1. BB

    I wish the primary logo had “Winnipeg Jets’ or simply “Jets” somewhere on it so it’s easily identified with an NHL team rather than Canadian Air Force. The other two logos are excellent! I would happily wear either of them on a t-shirt.

  2. TT

    Well, its about time the Herald gave a little thought to the Jets. After the overwhelming support for the switch in coverage from the Wild (whom nobody liked, nor hated, nor thought about much in general) to the Jets, the Herald continued to grab Pioneer Press and Star-Trib articles about the Wild. Where was the article about the Jets draft? Where was the article about the Jets roster moves? Instead we were treated to random updates about the Wild. Now I know it PAINS the Herald editors to report on ANYTHING not relating to Minnesota. I knowit PAINS the Herald editors to do anything except look in a perpetual Southeastern direction . . . but come on. The Jets are just up the road. They are Grand Forks’ team.

    Where is the Herald coverage of Gregiore going to the Jets?

    I guess I can only speak for myself, but I don’t care if I never hear about the Wild ever again. I am a Jets fan. And now that a former Sioux is in the system, I am a passionate Jets fan.

    So come on, Herald, have a couple of football players grab your Editor’s neck, crank really hard, twist with all your might, and cast your eyes someplace other than Minnesota and Minneapolis. Geesh. I thought we lived in North Dakota, but on most days the Herald is just a cheap AP rip-off of the Star-Trib.

    How about the coverage of the floods out west? “Well, we will give it some time — but Minnesota’s government is shutdown, so we better cover that first.”


    Go Jets.

    Come on Herald . . . you can do it . . . I know its hard . . . I know the entire Herald staff is required to bow down on prayer rugs each morning and prostrate yourselves ten time in the direction of Mineapolis. But just this one time, could you please give us some Jets news.


    1. Some of this I will agree with – we haven’t done the greatest job covering Jets moves. However, we had many stories leading up to the announcement of the move, we had a local story on Chipman, I did a story on the Jets at the draft. We did cover Gregoire signing with the Jets. As for the floods out west, we sent two Herald reporters and a photog out to Minot to cover that. We sent a different reporter and a different photog to Bismarck to cover that angle. We sent zero people to Minnesota for the shutdown.

    2. Mankato Sioux

      Not to sound overtly, how to put this, patriotic perhaps (?), but what exactly have the Minnesota Wild or the Grand Forks Herald done to deserve this level of backlash? Would you rather they spent more time with their eyes trained north, reporting the every move of a fledgling organization that has done little and less this offseason beyond gutting its own front office?

      I’m excited at the prospect of another NHL club in the area, and I’m even more excited to see Gregs take another step on his road to the big leagues, but speaking as a lifelong Sioux fan and former Grand Forks resident I’m not entirely sure where you’re coming from. The Wild just completed a blockbuster deal that saw a 50 goal scorer and several very promising young talents enter the organization, signed local celebrity Chay Genoway, and hosted the NHL entry draft. In short: they’ve been newsworthy, therefor they’ve been in the news. The state of Minnesota, as you mentioned, has also been more than slightly newsworthy over the past few weeks.

      It’s been a few years, but last I recall enthusiasm in Nodak was often limited when it came to embracing our Canadian neighbors and their often condescending view of American hockey. Once again, I’m all for the return of the Jets, I’ll gladly buy a jersey when the times comes, and I’m all for giving them proper billing in the Herald, but you seem to be more than slightly off base in your assessment.


  3. siouxguy

    Wouldn’t mind any of the logos but like the ones on the right for the main logos. Be nice to see a combination of these used with some being used as arm patches.

  4. PPK

    Drop the maple leaf. Winnipeg needs to separate itself from Toronto. I know they are proud to be Canadian but have an independent logo. No leaf. Go Jets.

  5. SM

    I like their old school logo better. Labatt Blue sales may steadily increase with the new logos. Ha! In all seriousness, I like the new logo with the picture of the Jet the best. However, it isn’t the logos that are going to make this team successful, it the players playing as a cohesive unit, a team. Go Jets! I hope Gregorie makes the team!!!

  6. Nate

    I like the subtle use of negative space in the circular logo to indicate a north pointing compass – which I’m sure is a tribute to the ownership group, True North, but also serves as a secondary indicator of the team’s move to Canada (after the more obvious maple leaf)

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