Rookie Numbers Listed On Roster

UND has posted its 2011-12 roster on its website with only one surprise — Michael DiPuma, who committed earlier this summer, is not listed. Will be looking into details behind that.

There are no changes in numbers among veterans. Rookie numbers are:

5 Nick Mattson, D
8 Dan Senkbeil, D
13 Connor Gaarder, F
15 Mike Parks, F
16 Mark MacMillan, F
17 Colten St. Clair, F
19 Rocco Grimaldi, F
21 Brendan O’Donnell, F
22 Andrew Panzarella, D
28 Stephane Pattyn, F

Some fun with numbers:

  • Grimaldi’s favorite number is 23. Not going to be wearing that one here. Last time he didn’t wear that number was his year with the U.S. Under-17 team. He wore 91 that year, I believe.
  • St. Clair was the only player who was able to keep his number from juniors. He wore 17 with Fargo last year.
  • The last time a forward wore 28 was Brandon Carlson, who played 7 games for the Sioux in 1995-96.
  • The last time a defenseman wore 8 was Nick Fuher from 2002-05.
  • Number 6 will be left vacant for the third year in a row. Nobody has donned it since Zach Jones (who got married last weekend, by the way).
  • Number 25 will be left open for the first time since the 1994-95 season.
  • It had seemed that the numbers of star players had often been left vacant for a year, but that’s not the case this year with 5 and 21 being picked up right away.

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