WCHA Invites Leftover CCHA Teams

The WCHA has invited the leftover CCHA teams — minus Notre Dame — to join the league for 2013-14 both conference have confirmed.

It’s pretty much a slam dunk that Lake Superior State, Bowling Green, Alaska and Ferris State will accept the invitations. The big question is whether Western Michigan will, or whether the Broncos will be invited by the NCHC. They have 30 days to decide.

NCHC and Big Ten teams have to be happy about this development as it will take away one automatic bid, freeing up one more at-large team to get into the NCAA tournament.

It also solidifies a strong league for the rest of the WCHA and CCHA members. If they were left with six teams, both leagues would always have to worry about becoming the old CHA.

For more on this development, read the story at College Hockey News, which broke the story.

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  1. Nodak Fan

    This is clearly a move about stability. There has been quite a bit of talk on blogs in recent weeks about merging the WCHA and CCHA would mean giving up one of the the two auto-bids for the NCAA Tournament. At the end of the day, being in a conference which is stable was worth more than being in a downsized CCHA and WCHA that could change from season to season and possibly drop below the necessary six teams to retain a NCAA auto-bid. More so the CCHA than the WCHA. The question is what this decision to have one large conference (10 or 11 teams) is going to do for non-conference scheduling? All of a sudden does SCSU, Mankato, Bemidji have enough openings to assure they can get No. Dak, Minn. or Minn.-Duluth to come to their barn every once in a while? Or do they lose that flexibility because they have too many conference games and less flexibility in scheduling top-rated programs to help their RPI?

  2. Siouxfaninfargo

    Brad, forgive me if I am missing something. What is happening with Air Force? They’d be a good addition anywhere, but especially the WCHA.

  3. Irish

    Interesting that they didn’t invite Notre Dame (not that ND would have accepted). I take it that Western now has 30 days to join the WCHA or go independent?

  4. Sioux Dat Nation

    I still don’t get why Western Michigan is a potential fit for the National. Can someone please explain? Why couldn’t St. Clizzoud have taken the 8th, contingent spot?

    1. sioux guy

      If it’s about like-minded institutions, St. Cloud seems to be dumping programs and such. They might be a drag on institutions that want to put their best foot forward in everything they do.

    2. DDog

      With the way SCST pushed the nickname issue to the NCAA, that they would be left out doesn’t surprise me.

  5. Mike

    Why western Michigan? Did you not see them play Denver last year in green bay? It was the most exciting game of the tournament since the Sioux dominated the other games.

  6. Mike

    Perk-the title is what it is. The WCHA invites the leftover teams from the CCHA to join them. Maybe you wanted the title to read that the conferences merged but that’s not what happened. The WCHA invited the remaining teams, i.e. Leftovers, to join the WCHA. Please let us all know what you thought would have been a better less “derogatory” name?

  7. BIG D

    I’ve been trying to get though a comment about St. Cloud State and its role in the logo issue and all 3 of my comments have been deleted. What gives?????

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