NCHC Moving On Without Notre Dame

The NCHC is moving on without Notre Dame.

The league sent out a release this afternoon saying that it will start as an eight-team league in 2013-14.

Notre Dame has been negotiating with the NCHC, asking for significant advantages/benefits that the league’s athletic directors would not give to them.

The Irish are expected to go to Hockey East.

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  1. Chris

    GOOD! I love this decision. Screw Notre Dame and their mediocre, RECENTLY relevant hockey program. I don’t care about their “brand name”, get these babies out of here!

  2. Sioux in Denver

    Why would Notre Dame think they deserve a “deal”? I am baffled by that. I understand they have a fan base all over the country, but they have not been relevant in most sports for a long time. I understand the hockey program has made some noise over the last few years, but I wonder how much of their fan base even knows the hockey team exists.

  3. Leo

    Can we find out what concessions or extortion Notre Dame was demanding. So that had a fighting chance in the league maybe they wanted to be spotted a two goal lead to start the games. Let me point out having St. Cloud may be better than Notre Dame. Notre Dame has about 40% of attendance that St. Cloud has during the past 6 years.

  4. Koolguy

    Is there any particular reason why the numbers and lettering on the jerseys are black instead of green this year?

  5. Nodak Fan

    I’m fine with The National’s decision to stop waiting at the altar for the Irish. Notre Dame can sink or swim in Hockey East. If they do go there, they are going to find it’s a stronger conference than the CCHA. BC, BU, Maine and New Hampshire are tough places to pick up wins and the extra travel isn’t going to be a treat, either. Good luck.

  6. Brad

    Good riddance. The Irish think they are like God and all should worship to them. See ya later.Who needs ya? Not the NCHC that’s who.

  7. Gs

    It’s unbelievable how much arrogance exists with Notre Dame. I’m glad the NCHC did not give in to their demands that apparently were unreasonable. I just wish UND hadn’t caved in on the “ND” issue. They copied a logo we’d long used, legally protected it and then asked us to stop using it. We would have won that battle in court easily.

  8. Siouxboy

    I guess we are not as “like minded” as little ol Notre Dame. Anyone surprised? I suspect their are still some Irish alums laughing!

  9. SiouxperKev

    I was baffled from the beginning as to why the NCHC was waiting on Notre Dame. I figured it had to be that new arena and the possible focus on their revived hockey team. Then I seen their “focus” was limited to 5000 seats??? Come on man, thats Bemidji and Mankato size (no offense), but we are talking the almighty NOTRE DAME. If thats all they can get for a home game, we dont need em. The traveling Sioux fans would fill that play ourselves. Geeesh.

  10. Two Cents

    Does no one here understand the power of their brand? That was the reason they were so highly sought after. You know their football team that has a national TV deal with NBC? Yeah, I’d have to believe something was possibly in the works with Versus/NBC Sports Network with the Irish being a big factor for this new conference. That is what brings in national exposure and revenue. So they don’t sell as many tickets as St. Cloud, but can you tell me, outside the Midwest, how many people know of St. Cloud compared to Notre Dame?

    I have to believe when this was all started that landing Notre Dame had to be one of the main objectives. They would be the school that brings national exposure to this conference, as well as a possible national TV deal. Even though this didn’t happen, I think the conference will end up just fine. But it’s absurd to say that they would be better off with St. Cloud instead of Notre Dame in the NCHC.

  11. Siouxboy

    I think SiouxperKev made a good point, from our perspective its a lot about attending the games. However, I am betting from a TV contract perspective (where the big dollars are) it’s about a national following. No one can dispute that the Sioux have a strong following, but we have to be realistic when comparing ourselves, and many others, not many compare with Notre Dame. I recall their following at the Frozen Four a few years back as being quite large, and loud! Point being, their alums are greater in number and I suspect live a lot further from campus than at Grand Forks.

      1. Siouxboy

        I was referring to the Frozen four in Denver. I apologize for not making myself more clear. In terms of St Paul, it was practically a home series for a ton of Sioux alums living in the twin cities! I think we were the closest team to the site, we should have had the best following. However, even if it was 100 quadruple (have to ask my kid what that means) to 1, you missed the point! It’s the number of households watching at home that generates the $$$$!

        1. Siouxboy

          Forgot about the champions! But I am confident we out numbered them as well. It is so easy to forget when you are trying to rationalize another failure!

  12. It is unfortunate that Notre Dame will not be joining the NCHC. it would have been a great addition and would have meant more National exposure regardless of the quality of their team, which is very good in Men’s Hockey, by the way. The NCHC would have been much better positioned for a National TV contract with Notre Dame, and Notre Dame knows that. I’m sure the NCHC will be just fine, but don’t think for a minute they would not have been better with Notre Dame. It is a big loss.

  13. Nodak Fan

    Curious to know your take on this turn of events. Do you think this was a good move by the NCHC members? Was Notre Dame too big a catch to let go and something should have been worked out? Is this going to adversely affect the NCHC’s attempts to gain TV exposure (national)? Is there enough pull in the league as it stands now to get more exposure? Or, should we all just squirrel away all this speculation until the fall of 2013?

  14. sioux guy

    Shouldn’t all of this bargaining been done before they even announced the league? Of course Notre Dame felt they could ask for the world, everybody had already made it clear that they were the target everybody wanted. Stop promising the world in a conference then having to backtrack.

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