Ice Breaker Games On TV; Many Tickets Still Available

Tickets for this weekend’s Ice Breaker Invitational games (Michigan State vs. Boston College; UND vs. Air Force on Friday) are readily available and there are even some lower-bowl tickets that are open right now.

These tickets were not included in season ticket packages, which is the reason for the extra open seats. Single-day passes opened for sale this week (one ticket gets you into both of the day’s games). Tickets are available on

If you’re not going, you can catch all four games on TV. They will be televised by FSSN, FCS Central, Midco Sports Network 3 and DirecTV (617 on Friday, 623 on Saturday). All four games will be webcasted on, too.

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  1. Nodak Fan

    It’s the first games of the season people? What’s the holdup? Get your tickets and fill the Ralph! BC is coming to town and it’s time to kick them to the curb, for a change.

    1. Sioux7>5

      Dish Network does not carry FCS, so it is Dish Network Fail! Switch to Direct TV and you will get the games.

  2. Beaz


    How come you have not been linking the weekly live chats from wednesdays on your blog? I have a difficult time finding them on the sportszone site after the fact. I liked when they were linked to your blog. Made it easy to read later.

  3. Andy

    They would have been a lot better off including these tickets in the season ticket package, even at a reduced price. We actually had the option to purchase, which I did, but I’m assuming many others didn’t because of the additional cost. They should have done the same for the Winnipeg game as well.

    1. Siouxguy

      Are you saying that UND should have put a game in Winnipeg in it’s season ticket package? If that is the case, you are asking season ticket holders to get a passport, drive to Winnipeg, and possibly stay in a hotel. Don’t know how many season ticket holders would appreciate that. Icebreaker would have been fine though.

  4. Nodak Fan

    I, too, had to purchase these tickets in addition to my season ticket package, but knowing the quality of opponents coming to the Ralph, it was an easy sell. If you can fork out for season tickets, you can add another $99, or what it was, to see some good hockey to start the season. It may be 10 or more years before UND gets to host the tournament again. I can see some people not wanting to buy the tickets if it was UND and three low-profiled teams like St. Lawrence, Providence and Ferris State, but it’s not. That’s the appeal of this Ice Breaker tournament is that it brings perennial NCAA tournament teams together. If you’re a college hockey fan, you should appreciate that and want to attend. Hopefully, we will get good crowds this weekend.

  5. Red Machine

    Who will the Sioux play if they win or lose on Friday? Could the championship game be the first game on Saturday if the Sioux lose?

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