“Beer Grandma” edict irks former players, fans

A few years ago, arena cameras were panning the crowd between whistles and they caught now 85-year-old Beth Delano taking a big swig of beer. The student section and rest of the arena immediately erupted with applause. And so began the legend of the “Beer Grandma.”

Every time she appeared on the big screen, beer in hand or not, the arena would erupt. But that is no more. UND President Robert Kelley requested that Delano no longer be displayed on the big screen, because he believes it feeds into the reputation UND has as a drinking school.

The action has received a terse response from fans, who have been commenting on the Herald’s site, as well as former players on Twitter. One of them was Brett Hextall, who wrote: “Sad to hear they won’t show beer gma at Sioux games anymore. What a joke! Student section better start a chant for her. #beergrandma”

Now, the Ralph says there’s a chance that Beer Grandma will show up again.

9 thoughts on ““Beer Grandma” edict irks former players, fans

  1. If you want to get politically correct, the Ralph Engelstad Arena management should also get rid of the “Kiss Cam” because that could promote illicit behavior among college kids.

    Good grief!

  2. Well, considering the trouble that alcohol has caused the players (wouldn’t that be an interesting list) in the last few years, the president may have a valid point. Unfortunately, raising the issue may only highlight it in a negative way.

  3. Kelley needs to go. He hasn’t accomplished anything us as students and alumni.

    Let’s get a real North Dakotan in there who will stand up for us.

  4. Kelley does need to go and for that matter Faison as well. Let’s turn this great University back over to people that have a connection educationally and culturally to the area. Then let’s start the process of abolishing the S.B.H.E. This group is not only without conviction and courage, but are well beyond the point of being considered competent and relevant.

  5. Agreed, Robert Kelly needs to be ousted!!!! UND needs a president who supports and defends the proud history (which he knows nothing about) of the Fighting Sioux.

  6. Ha, what the Ralph needs to do is show Kelley’s mug up on the screen and give the fans a chance to show him how much they detest Kelley. That man is poison to UND and needs to go now.

  7. REA needs to show Kelley on the big screen first – “BOOOOOOOO”
    Beer Grandma “YEAAAAAAAAAAH”
    Thanks for making this a story Kelley, (what an idiot, is Grandma a student at UND). He needs to go somewhere else NOW!!! UND needs a President that can lead.

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