Huntsville announcement coming today

According to a couple of reports, an announcement on the future of Alabama-Huntsville hockey is coming this morning.

And according to those reports, it doesn’t look good. Huntsville’s fate as a Division I program may be sealed.

The demise of the CHA and the decisions by other conferences not to pick up the Chargers left them in a rough spot as the lone independent in college hockey.

2 thoughts on “Huntsville announcement coming today

  1. This is really to bad. It sounds like there may be more to this than meets the eye. Alums have come up with some money and the student body and community want it but the president or chancellor still plans to cut it.

  2. This is sad… and then to be bitch slapped by an interim president. I dont get it how an interim can make that type of decision. I understand the team and athletic department are struggling, but at least have the real pres. come in and make that decision and then they have to stand up to it to his/her alums. This goof comes in as the hacket man then runs away to Tuscalucka or whatever its called.

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