St. Clair Won’t Play This Season

UND received word Thursday night that Colten St. Clair will not be able to play college hockey this season.

The NCAA did not clear the freshman forward.

A hangup with an online course/program is believed to be the reason for the NCAA’s ruling. St. Clair has not been made available to media yet to discuss the circumstance.

“I just wanna get on that ice. It will have to wait #rattled,” St. Clair tweeted last night.

St. Clair is still enrolled at UND, though he cannot practice with the team. He is able to work out at The Hockey Academy, though, I believe.

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  1. SiouxSioux

    That has got to be so frustrating and a major bummer for St. Clair. I hope he keeps his head up. Is going back to the USHL for another season a possibility for St. Clair? I wouldn’t think the kid would wanna miss out on a years worth of hockey playing. He could easily stay enrolled at UND by taking online courses.

  2. Sioux-per-man

    Will he return to the Fargo Force this year or go play juniors in Canada? I have to say the NCAA isn’t winning any points with the Fighting Sioux Fans this year.

    Best of Luck to Colton!!! The FORCE could use you!!!

      1. SiouxperKev


        I know you are correct on the 5 years to play 4 thing, but I question when that starts. If he’s not even on the team, I dont think you can call that a redshirt year. Also, redshirt players get to practice with the team and since St. Clair cant even practice, I question whether he loses any thing. My guess is he still has the 5 years.

        With that… can anyone tell me why hockey plays dont ever red-shirt? The only time is comes up seems to be an injury situation. Is it because of the likes of the USHL, etc. acting as the minor leagues?

        1. Your clock starts ticking once you start full-time college classes, whether you are playing sports or not.

          I think it is because hockey has 18 scholarships to give, so they don’t want to use one up on someone who is not playing. However, Idalski is doing some of that with the women’s team.

          1. Siouxnami

            OK so my new dream is that the Sioux win a national championship, and somebody brings a blowtorch out on the ice to remove “NCAA” from the trophy.

  3. Sioux in Denver

    It is plain and simple to me. The NCAA does not care about human beings. I would not work for that organization for all the tea in China.

  4. Bis-Man Sioux Fan

    My question is why did it take that long to determine that St. Clair is not cleared to play? You would think that would take a couple days, maybe a week to get straightened out. It’s like this isn’t the first time the NCAA has had to delve into whether players are eligible and whether credits transfer. Why did it take something like four weeks to get this answer? Was everyone in the NCAA eligibility office on vacation in September? Do they take the cases as they come in and UND was just down the list? Or do they just get to it, when they get to it like any other bureaucracy?

  5. Scott

    I think a person has six years to finish four years of playing D-1 hockey (I don’t know if the rules are the same across all sports). A person could start college full-time and not play hockey for two years and then have four more years of eligibility, as I understand it.

    I seem to remember a UND player losing a year of eligibility a few years ago because he started college full-time at 18 then after a semester (he may have even dropped out) decided to try junior hockey, played until he aged-out went to UND and then ended up losing one year of playing time.

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