The Eagle Finds His Perch In The Hall

The Sioux men’s hockey program now has a member in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Ed Belfour was officially inducted on Monday in Toronto with former Sioux teammates Jeff Bowen and Scott Koberinski and his old college assistant coach Cary Eades there for support.

Belfour, who went into UND’s Hall of Fame last year, ranks third all-time in wins by a goaltender. He also has quite a resume of winning championships. Belfour has an NCAA title, a Stanley Cup and an Olympic gold medal.

Watch Belfour’s Hall of Fame speech here.

Yahoo has a good story on Belfour, who showed up with a leather coat on Friday while the others had suits and ties. “That’s Eddie.”

This ESPN article notes that Belfour is one of the best big-game goalies ever. When the Dallas Stars won the Stanley Cup in 1999, Belfour beat Grant Fuhr, Patrick Roy and Dominik Hasek in the last three rounds.

The Toronto Star had an article that said that Belfour “did it his way.”

And in our Sunday story in the Herald, Eades talks about how Belfour wasn’t pegged as a superstar from the start. In fact, if UND lands a 21-year-old recruit from the MJHL, there won’t be many expectations on that player. But now, a 21-year-old recruit from the MJHL is UND’s first Hockey Hall of Fame member.


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  1. nwminn

    congrats to eddie. one of my all-time favorite fighting sioux players. lots of great memories from the ’87 team. brad – any word if fssn will pick up the lakeland broadcast this weekend for those of us that can’t make it to the lakes area? is there as much effort this year to pick up opponent’s home feeds as in years past?

    1. Yes, but so far they’ve played at Wisconsin and at Minnesota, which are broadcasted by FSN. FSN won’t let FSSN pick up the feed. In fact, FSN won’t even let Wisconsin and Minnesota have webcasts of their games because they want the exclusivity. Big Ten Network also will not allow this. I would guess there’s a better chance with Lakeland, but do not know (last year, I don’t believe it happened).

  2. If you get digital cable from Midcontinent, you can watch the Beavs/Sioux games on channel 597. Public TV from Bemidji. Watched them on that network last year, they do a good job.

  3. Kvasager

    ……………and Lakeland even has a time and penalty clock. Williams does an outstanding job with that production.

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