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I received a note from the Herald’s editor and publisher this afternoon that we will be phasing out using “Fighting Sioux” to describe UND’s athletic teams beginning immediately.

That means tomorrow’s game recap will be the first in the Herald that refers to the team as simply UND.

For those who aren’t familiar with the ongoing Fighting Sioux nickname issue, UND is dropping the name and will not have a nickname until at least 2015.

There will still be inevitable references to the nickname in stories. It won’t disappear from the jerseys for a couple of months, it may make it into quotes now and again and in color descriptions of the atmosphere.

But as far as referring to the team, it will simply be “The University of North Dakota.”

For us writers, it will be very difficult not to become redundant with our use of “UND,” in stories and headlines. At least my first attempt won’t be on a tight deadline or anything…

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      1. Red River

        Well now it is time to get rid of the other ND nickname. The school with the demeaning and offensive caricature of a mean little green fighting man. After all we all know that anyone who is Irish is small and belligerent, (not how I see my Irish heritage). Now lets work on getting rid of the offensive nickname of the ND Fighting Irish.

        1. Carla Beck

          Since the NCAA finds UND’s nickname hostile and derogatory, why don’t they jump on congress and demand that Sioux Falls, SD and Sioux City, IA change their name or all federal government money will be withheld. I don’t see the Standing Rock tribe complaining about these 2 cities.

  1. Sioux4ever

    Funny how yet again governmental people are telling everyone else what is good for them. And thanks to the ridiculous “leaders” of the standing rock tribe. way to listen to your people and let them have a vote. Shows what kind of people you are and how you want to be remembered, by not giving your members say in anything. There is overwhelming support from Native Americans and non Native Americans that live in ND. It will be funny to see what standing rock leaders try to do to get people to notice and respect them more. Nobody around UND will talk about native anymore and they will just disappear. They will be worse off now than they ever were.

    1. UND yeah yeah

      This is not a matter of the government telling people what to do. The NCAA imposed the sanctions, not the government. The legislature made an obvious choice given the circumstances. Also, in my four years at UND, 99.9 percent of all Sioux references referred to sports, not the tribe. You’re kidding yourself if you think the nickname somehow prompts people to talk about Native American traditions on a regular basis.

  2. Chicago UND Fan

    The “well worth it” is potentially million of dollars in lost revenue over time because of the NCAA’s decision. I lived in Grand Forks for the first 33 years of my life (born at St. Micheals lived in the old tin family housing units for two years) and received 3 degrees from the University of North Dakota, so I am born and bread Sioux. I believe it is time to move on because all legislative and judicial angles have been tried and defeated. Lets make the best of a horrible situation STUDENT athletes in this time of change.

  3. Bkmcd

    Über-PC apologist punks Dennis and Jacobs jump on this at the very first opportunity – shocking – next thing you’ll tell me is that the Lindbergh baby has been kidnapped.

  4. Chris M

    I am not sure how the change is well worth it. UND will become non-existant because no one will know who we are without the Sioux Name. I live in the Twin Cities and people always recognize the Sioux logo and ask about UND. I don’t anticipate too many individuals stopping to ask about the “ND”. They will think it is “Notre Dame”. The NCAA should do all or nothing. You don’t get to pick and choose who is offensive.

    Forever Sioux

  5. Rinkpig

    It’s too bad for the “re-branding” because the UND Fighting Sioux jersey is probably one of the most recognized hockey jerseys in all of college hockey. It probably has more brand recognition than most pro teams (thinking Florida, Columbus, Nashville, Winnipeg, San Jose, Phoenix). Standing Rock represents all that the United States doesn’t – a body of individuals who refuse to take the pulse of their people. What a bunch of dictators. Probably not too different than how the Soviets would have approached a situation like this. Who cares, they have to live on that dump. I just hope our University treats them no different than any other student (white, black, asian, rich or poor). I hope we are giving them preferential treatment as to admissions, tuition or any other program. I’m venting a bit, but I think this is absurd, but most things concerning the “First Nations” is almost always absurd.

  6. Ancient Viking

    I have shouted the UND sports nickname over the years at least as many times as anyone. But I love UND more than the nickname and it is time to retire the nickname before the controversey destroys the university itself.

  7. joe stutzman

    as an ole miss fan i can relate. i will never buy an ole miss yogi bear shirt, but plan to be buried in a colonel reb shirt. GO SIOUX!!

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