NCHC To Announce Commish, TV Deal

The National Collegiate Hockey Conference will announce its first commissioner at noon Wednesday in a press conference in Colorado Springs.

There has been no confirmation on the hire, but signs point to former United States Olympic Committee chief executive officer Jim Scherr as being the front-runner for the job.

The NCHC also will soon announce a TV deal with CBS Sports Network, the Herald has learned. The initial TV package is believed to be about 16 games.

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  1. crb1

    Well this is good news on the TV package. Interested to see who this Jim Scherr will run the show. Has to be better than McCloud though.

  2. Sioux fan in Texas

    Is the FCS contract going to be continued? I love being able to watch the games down here on TV.

      1. JMSioux

        Tell CBS Sports to select the ND away games as part of their package. I would hope they’d pick games that aren’t already part of the FCS package.

  3. SiouxNation

    16 games is barely a game a week. Better than nothing but hardly the announcement many of us were hoping for. I think we all knew that it wouldn’t be the NBC Sports channel once Notre Dame went east. Hopefully we will be able to see more of the away games off of the other teams tv contracts.

    1. Crb1

      From what I gather from the info on the tv package it is an initial package deal and could grow to cover more games. This could turn out to be a good deal eventually. More people will tune into Sioux hockey than will on versus to watch Notre Dame. Of course it does not help if some cable providers don’t carry CBS sports.

  4. SJHovey

    I don’t think the CBS deal is that bad. Realistically they couldn’t do more than two games a week anyway. All eight teams will have home games that will start within an hour or two of one another, so it’s not like they could do two games a night. Also, you have to figure Saturday is always a big basketball day for the network, and college hockey will never usurp college basketball. I think it would be great if they’d do two games from each conference member’s home arena. That would guarantee everyone would be on twice, give each university a little exposure, and probably guarantee everyone would have at least 3-4 games on national tv, including road games.

        1. Tired

          Ask American Tire or Dahlstrom Chev as I would bet that as they are sold ad time there is a calculation as to viewership!

  5. Tired

    Point of clarification, will CBS be broadcasting 16 ND (North Dakota) games, or 16 for the entire super National league?

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