Grimaldi To Have Season-ending Surgery

Rocco Grimaldi won’t be able to play this season for UND.

UND confirmed Thursday that Grimaldi will have season-ending surgery as his knee has not healed after two months of rest.

Grimaldi injured his kneecap blocking a shot before the season started and never was 100 percent. He played in four games during the season, scoring once and adding one assist.

Grimaldi will be eligible for a medical redshirt, but it unlikely he will be here five years in order to use it.

UND already has lost Derek Rodwell (shoulder) and Colten St. Clair (NCAA) for the season. Other sidelined players include Brendan O’Donnell (could be out for the season), Michael Parks (day to day) and Derek Forbort (week to week).

UND expects to know more about O’Donnell’s injury early next week.

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  1. Jeff

    It would be great if UND could catch a break this season – best of luck to Rocco on his upcoming surgery. God Bless!

        1. JMSioux

          I don’t think Duncan was a noted ‘sniper”. Grimaldi is. As good as Duncan was in college, we expect more from Grimaldi because of his skill. Grimaldi is expected to score more goals than Duncan did. It is not unreasonable to think that Grimaldi would have a better chance at signing early, especially under today’s NHL contract structure. there are many players with less skill leaving early.

          1. northdasotan

            You may be right. I just hope Rocco will be as effective as Duncan was. Both good players, only one has proven himself so far. The good thing about Rocco is he appears to be a good solid young man. I hope to see him play a year or two before he moves on.

  2. Trickey7

    If Hak get’s this team to the postseason it may be his finest season as head coach. We still have a lot of talent, hopefully they can rise to the challenge. They looked very impressive in the Friday game against the Goophers. Going to need those Freshman to start burying their opportunities when they come.

  3. JMSioux

    The goal he scored against the gophs in the saturday night game in Nov against the gophs when he sniped the goph goalie after faking he defender (helgesen) right off his skates will still be the highlight goal of the year! Rocco, we hardly knew ya but what we saw was the best hockey skill at least for freshman in the WCHA! we could have seen that 20 times or more this year! Looking forward to his healthy return!

  4. Chicago UND Fan

    By my count we only have 13 forwards available including Gleason and Senkbeil who have moved from defense to forward and 6 defensemen. If we lose O’Donnell and Parks we are down to 11 forwards and 6 Defensemen.

    Is their any other way to bring in a player after the Semester begins or is Dane Jackson going to be checking out the intramural league over the next couple of days?

  5. FargoFan

    If he was there long enuf to use his redshirt, wouldn’t he become a free agent like Gregs did? And try sign with a team of “his” choice?

    1. northdasotan

      I would be willing to bet Tate can skate (North to South) with many WCHA players. Maybe not so much on the East to West. Goalie skates would be hard to cut the ice with at full speed. I bet he’s got some skill though, probably got some good moves too. It would be funny to read about the goalie playing up in a college game. I bet he would play positionally sound.

      If the Sioux make the playoffs this year, Hak should be up for coach of the year. This team has been relentless for most of the season with nobody but the coach’s motivating them. Go Sioux

  6. Sioux4ever

    It seriously took this long to determine that he would be out for the season and needing surgery? I think I could have come up with a better diagnosis. It should have never taken this long

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