Outdoor Game Announcement Official

Today, the official announcement was made regarding the outdoor game between UND and Omaha. Here are the quick facts:

Date: Feb. 9, 2013
Place: T.D. Ameritrade Park (Home of the College World Series).
Of note: It will be Game 2 of the series. Game 1 will be played in CenturyLink Arena, Omaha’s regular home.
Day of hockey: The event will start with a game between the Lincoln Stars and the Omaha Lancers. That game will start at 12:30 p.m. The UND-Omaha game will start at about 4 p.m.
Also of note: Former Grand Forks Central standouts and UND commits Luke Johnson and Paul LaDue are expected to be playing for the Stars.
Cost: $30. Ticket gets you into both games.
Tickets go on sale: Oct. 1, 2012.

12 Responses

  1. Robert Zimmerman

    I would of thought that the novelty of these games would have worn off by now. I must be missing something as I don’t see how the seating at outdoor games could be bearable. Has anybody been to any outdoor games?

    1. Brian

      Yes. Went to the Winter Classic at Wrigley. It was awesome. Probably the best day in all my 4 years in the city. Looks like a trip to Omaha is on the horizon!

      1. Robert Zimmerman

        How was the view? In which part of the stadium would you suggest purchasing, if it makes a difference in your opinion?

  2. OmahaSioux

    This game is being highly advertised here in Omaha. Hockey is becoming more and more popular here which is great to see. Come on down Sioux fans and show Omaha how special college hockey is! It’s hard to say if it’ll sell out, but I know it’ll be a great crowd. UNO fans are friendly and downtown Omaha is a great place to party. Will definitely be a great time!

  3. Mike

    I’m already looking forward to go. These away games are a great place to meet up with friends without any committments to home. Sioux fans it’s only 8 hours from GF!

    1. JB

      I would guess they will be using a cooling system under the ice to help negate above normal temperatures. Remember temperatures this year are above normal.

  4. G&W in Denver

    I would fully expect transplanted NoDaks in Denver area to help out with attendance. Should be fun and hopefully I can make it. I am a little worried about warm weather as well. It can get pretty warm once you go south of the Dakotas at any time, any year. Jan, Feb, you name it.

  5. brsioux

    All of the NHL and big time college outdoor games use a cooling system. The outside temps can be up to about 45 degrees without affecting the ice surface too bad from what I remember. It is the direct sunlight that is a killer, so if they can keep the sun off the ice they will be just fine.

  6. OmahaSioux

    They do have a cooling system for the ice. If the temp gets up to around 50 that day, the cooling system can still manage to keep the ice in good condition. If it gets up to 60 or 70, then that’s an issue. I highly doubt the temp will be 70 in early February. I’m guessing their backup plan would be to move the game back inside to the CenturyLink Center, but not 100% sure on that.

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