NCAA Clarifies Women’s Situation

When a law originally passed last March requiring UND to use the Fighting Sioux nickname and logo, its teams began preparing for the inevitable sanctions by the NCAA.

However, UND needed the NCAA to clarify a number of things. Mainly:

A. If it can’t host an NCAA quarterfinal game, could it be played at a neutral site or would the game be played on the road?
B. UND knows it can’t wear its Fighting Sioux jerseys at NCAA events, but do the sanctions prevent the school from bringing Fighting Sioux hockey bags in the building, etc.?

Finally, nine days before the NCAA women’s hockey tournament begins and four days before the field is announced, the NCAA sent a letter (in which it misspelled both the AD and President’s names) to UND to answer the questions.

If UND gets a top-four seed (it would almost certainly need to win the Final Faceoff to do so), it would have to play on the road. The NCAA indicated that Fargo could be an option a few weeks ago, but the letter says that is no longer the case. It will be a road game.

The NCAA also said that UND’s band, cheerleaders and mascot (UND doesn’t have a mascot) can’t wear Fighting Sioux gear at the event. The letter also states that: “we ask that the university take measures to minimize or eliminate the presence of the imagery or nickname brought to an NCAA championship venue.”

Because the men’s tournament is held at neutral venues, the hosting won’t affect them. They will need to use jerseys without the logo (they are scheduled to be done with lettering and numbering next week). It is unlikely that we will see them before the NCAA tournament.

Will either team make the NCAA tournament to begin with? This story talks about their chances and has a link to the NCAA letter.

I should also point out that getting a top-four seed, although it means going on the road, would be significant for the women’s team, because it would keep them away from Wisconsin and Minnesota in the quarterfinals.

If UND is a fifth, sixth or seventh seed, the NCAA will probably try to send them to Minneapolis. An eighth seed would likely earn them a game against the Badgers.

But, in researching the Pairwise this week, just getting into the NCAAs has to be the goal right now for the women.

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  1. Andy L

    Does this include the Men’s team for the first round of the WCHA playoffs? It is technically post season play. Just wondering.

  2. Sioux4Ever

    Just more crap from the PC clowns at the NCAA, yet again telling the Native Americans what they want. Enough with their BS. Is it just pick on the little guy? UND doesnt bring in enough money to line your pockets?

  3. Name*

    It is really disheartening to see such an incompetent and quite frankly corrupt organization like the NCAA have so much power over college students trying to just get an education and hopefully continue their hockey careers.

  4. Eric

    So the NCAA sends a letter about a naming issue, but can’t get any names right in the actual letter. The absurd amount of irony in this whole situation grows by the day…..

  5. Sioux7>5

    Hey Brad I have a question, is the ncaa also trying to say they want UND to limit the appearance of the logo by fans also? I might have misunderstood that part but that is what I got from reading the part about limiting the appearance of the logo in the venue.


  6. Sioux in the Cities

    UND should just keep doing what they’re doing and the President and AD can just say that they didn’t change anything because they didn’t know the letter was directed towards them since their names weren’t on it….

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