Jocelyne Among Patty Kaz Hat Trick

The Patty Kazmaier Award has been narrowed to three candidates and UND junior forward Jocelyne Lamoureux is one of them.

The others are Northeastern goalie Florence Schelling and Wisconsin forward Brianna Decker.

Lamoureux leads the nation in points (82), points per game (2.34) and assists (48). Her sister, Monique, was among the top 10 finalists for the award.

Decker has 36 goals and 78 points.

Schelling has a 1.42 goals-against average and a .950 save percentage.

The award will be handed out on March 17 as part of the Frozen Four festivities in Duluth.

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  1. SM

    I have seen the Fighting Sioux Women’s Hockey team play only once, as I live out of state, but I have to say Women’s hockey is absolutely GREAT! It is a shame more people do not support Sioux Women’s Hockey by attending the games. If more people attended their games, I really believe they would be surprised by the skill and quality of hockey that they have been missing out on seeing. For those who are unaware, in the Women’s game, they have to rely more on their skills than on their physical presence, as checking is penalized. The Lamoureux Sisters are unbelievably talented hockey players. The Sioux have a solid team. Ms. Jocelyne Lamoureux would be a fitting choice for The Patty Kazmaier Award.

  2. ORSiouxFan

    Disappointing to not see both sisters in the top 3. I know Joce has the numbers over Monique but Monique’s ability to switch to defense mid-season and still put up the numbers she does is incredible too. Do you think the fact that they’re sisters influenced the decision? (aka, if somebody else had done the same thing Monique did, would she have been in the final 3?)

  3. Ole the goalie

    Would think Decker has the edge since she won the WCHA’s player of year award over Jocelyne. Hope prejudice shown in All-WCHA voting against Lammy twins doesn’t carry over to Kaz voting. Howeve rit turns out, the twins are No, 1 in my book, always will be. Fantastic players, even better people.

  4. blah blah blah

    I expect Decker. Maybe the Decker POY award was political in nature but I think it would be unbelievable if they went any other way really. Once the injustice has been dealt, might as well finish the job.

    That’s ok, though. Jocelyne will still be the best of the best.

  5. siouxHOCKEYfan

    academics are also apart of the criteria for the patty kaz. decker may have won POY but JLam won student athlete of the year.

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