The Tweets From Sioux Country

Twitter was blowing up after UND’s stunning 6-3 comeback win over rival Minnesota at the Final Five on Friday night. In case you missed it or don’t have Twitter, here’s what everyone was saying:

Cary Eades (@caryeades) Wild & Wacky 1 at The X 2nite. Credit the boyz for sticking 2gether when ice was tilted by Gophers in 1st 1/2. #siouxpride #final5

Dillon Simpson (@simmer18) Most memorable game I have ever been apart of #gosioux #comeback

Brad Eidsness (@BEidsness) Incredible night! Boys stuck together and found a way#siouxpride #heartandsoul

Stephane Pattyn (@GeneralPattyn28) That third period was unbelievable. Just shows what our family is about. Ppl counted us out in November. Ppl counted us out tonight. #Sioux

Dillon Simpson TSN turning point… Getting my skates sharpened between the 2nd and 3rd period #sorryforthe3rdgoal #sniped

Jim (@D_Senkbeil) Down in the second period to the gophers 3-0. Came back battling for a 6-3 win. Huge team effort! #Sioux #heart #jobnotfinished #FinalFive

Derek Rodwell (@drodwell11) Wow what a game #speechless #FinalFive #goingtotheship

Tate Maris (@TMaris35) Never give up. #FightingSioux

Mark MacMillan (@EasyMac_16) What an unreal game to be apart of, never experienced something like that before! Huge comeback! #roadwarriors #FightingSioux

Corban Knight (@CorbanKnight) Unbelievable support tonight! There are no fans like Fighting Sioux fans, the X was rocking. #SiouxPride #FightingSioux

Rocco Grimaldi (@RGrimaldi23) What a game! Great comeback boys! Way to never quit! Let’s do it again tomorrow! #FightingSioux #FinalFive

Carter Rowney (@carterrowney) SIOUX PRIDE!!!

Mitch MacMillan (@MitchMac25) Wow! What a comeback by the boys tonight. #whatjusthappened #isthisreallife #FightingSioux #nevergiveup

Former players

Mike Commodore (@commie22) 3-0 lead for the dirty #gophers after 2 periods….6-3 #Sioux nearing the end of the 3rd. I LOVE it. #Beatitgophers #dirtyvarmint

T.J. Oshie (@OSH74) Congrats to the Sioux on a HUGE win over the Gophers last night. Best of luck tonight boys!! @dkristo7 @carterrowney @caryeades #siouxpride

Brett Hextall (@bhextall) Got chills reading the tweet updates and watching clips of the goals in the Sioux comeback. What a program. #GoSioux

Ryan Duncan (@rduncan16) Proud to be a Sioux. Quite the group they have in that locker room. Keep it rolling

Brian Canady (@briancanady) Proud Sioux alum 2night. #hatethegophers #fightingsiouxforever #bringit2morrow. Good luck. @UNDMHockey #wearinggreenincolorado

Chay Genoway (@chaygenoway) All I gotta say is wow. Congrats to the guys and go win it all tomorrow #siouxpride #threepeat

Andy Kollar (@Kiels_35) What a comeback!! Way to go Sioux!!!!!

Erik Fabian (@erikfabian21) @UNDMHockey that is what Sioux hockey is all about! #pride #heart #soul

Jeff Ulmer (@ulms44) Perfect for St. Patty’s Day…good job boys! #SIOUX #beatDenver

Brent Davidson (@brentdavidson17) Loved waking up and seeing all the tweets about the Sioux / Gopher game. Would have been a crazy game to watch live. Finish the job tonight

Andrew Kozek (@akozek67) Huge win by the #Sioux. Keep it rolling boys.

Brad Malone (@bmalone22) “Attitude reflects leadership, captain” @MarioLamoureux9 @chaygenoway @rduncan16 #SiouxPride #happystpattysday

Future players

Luke Johnson (@ljohns7) Is having trouble finding the score of the sioux vs. gophers game? Can someone help me out……….. @19Lettieri95 #siouxyeahyeah

Charlie Pelnik (@charliepelnik) Tonight’s Sioux game > all the march madness games put together #siouxpride

Keaton Thompson (@kthomps48) Now that’s sioux hockey #tradition


Brian Idalski (@UND_WIH) Watched the #Sioux men’s game on a tv periodically in the Amsoil #unbelievable comeback win!!! #proudtobeasioux

Dave Starman (@DaveStarmanCBS) Biggest onions in college hockey belong to North Dakota right now. Denver might be a close second.

Monique Lamoureux (@moniquelam7) So proud of the @UNDMHockey and my big bro @MarioLamoureux9 #siouxhockey

Jocelyne Lamoureux (@jocelamoureux17) Easy the best sioux game ive ever been to, so proud of my big bro @MarioLamoureux9

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