Friday night’s goal videos

For those of you who didn’t get to see the game (or for those who want to rewatch the goals), FSN North has posted them all. Here are the links:

Minnesota 1, UND 0 — Kyle Rau

Minnesota 2, UND 0 — Jake Hansen

Minnesota 3, UND 0 — Zach Budish

Minnesota 3, UND 1 — Derek Forbort

Minnesota 3, UND 2 — Michael Parks

UND 3, Minnesota 3 — Brock Nelson

UND 4, Minnesota 3 — Mario Lamoureux

UND 5, Minnesota 3 — Corban Knight

UND 6, Minnesota 3 — Mario Lamoureux

6 thoughts on “Friday night’s goal videos

  1. I just watched all the goals again, gives me the chills. That’s something ill probably never witness again. Greatest tourney, and rivalry ever. Sioux Yeah Yeah!!

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