Experts Think It Will Be St. Paul

The Pairwise and Bracketology experts are posting their projected brackets online. The actual bracket won’t be revealed until 11 a.m. today (ESPNU), but here are a couple of predictions:

USCHO (UND vs. Western Michigan in St. Paul)

College Hockey News (UND vs. Michigan State in St. Paul)

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  1. Closest to home is good...

    Then we can pack the X with as many Sioux fans wearing Sioux apparel and yelling Sioux as much as possible to show the NCAA the name will not go away!!! Bring on the scared gophers and whoever might be in our way.

  2. UND_Guy_in_NJ

    This seems to be a no win situation for NCAA. The consensus puts #4 UND into the St Paul bracket with #8 UM. The USCHO bracket proposal could leave BC and Michigan howling. If you are a UND fan I am not sure how you cannot hope Moy is right. That would seem to be an awfully nice bracket from a PWR standpoint.

    I still think Moy’s scenario involving the flip with UND and Michigan has a fair chance of going down in order to reduce the seeding integrity impact of having a #4/#8 bracket.

  3. Yajji

    I posted ths under a different section of the blog last night, but here is what i think keeps the most integrity without sacrificing attendence.
    I am by no means an expert, just a huge college hockey fan and UM Crookston alum…

    My projected Bracket
    Green Bay
    UND vs Western Mich.
    DU vs Miami

    St Paul
    Michigan vs Air Force
    Gophs vs BU

    BC vs Mich. State
    Maine vs UMD

    Union vs Mass Lowell
    Cornell vs Ferris State

    1. UND_Guy_in_NJ

      I agree. This is the flip between GB and St Paul that Moy talked about but didnt go with. I think it makes more sense than what he ending up going with.

      1. Yajji

        I flipped Lowell and Cornell to avoid intraconference matchup. They are tied for 12. Too many western teams in the 2 band and eastern in the 3 band… Tough year for the committee

  4. G&W in Denver

    I can not wait to see the new jerseys. I bet the crest is top notch in style. I’m sure the best designer was put on it and not some hack.

  5. Sioux4ever

    Thank god its on espnu. Dont get that channel and they are not even streaming it online. Thanks espn. You suck when it comes to college hockey.

  6. Seattle51

    The game will be online and available for syndication….Hopefully Fox Sports North will get the rights!!!!!

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