UND Is Headed Back To St. Paul

UND will be right back here in St. Paul next weekend.

The Sioux will play future NCHC rival and CCHA tournament champion Western Michigan in the first round at 12:30 p.m. Saturday in the Xcel Energy Center.

St. Paul

(1) North Dakota vs. (4) Western Michigan, 12:30 p.m., Saturday
(2) Minnesota vs. (3) Boston University, 4 p.m., Saturday


(1) Boston College vs. (4) Air Force, 3 p.m., Saturday
(2) Minnesota-Duluth vs. (3) Maine, 6:30 p.m., Saturday

Green Bay

(1) Michigan vs. (4) Cornell, 8 p.m., Friday
(2) Ferris State vs. (3) Denver, 4:30 p.m., Friday


(1) Union vs. (4) Michigan State, 2 p.m., Friday
(2) Miami vs. (3) UMass-Lowell, 5:30 p.m., Friday

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  1. Wayne

    Here we go again with ESPN’s terrible hockey coverage. From what I can see from the bracket show and the TV lineup, both games from St. Paul on Saturday are only shown live on ESPN3. Then on Sunday, both those games are shown on Sunday preceding the live championship game Sunday evening. Oh how I hate ESPN!!!!!! They do this to us every single year.

  2. JB

    I’m not gonna get worked up quite yet. Hopefully local sponsors can get together and purchase the broadcast rights. I think this has been done in the past. And please no lacrosse games before the hockey games.

  3. G&W in Denver

    As far as I’m concerned, anyone but ESPN. They are the worst. I don’t know what the NCAA sees in them. I would not be surprised to learn of money under the table.

  4. Wayne

    Oh there sure are lacrosse games on the shedule directly before some of the eastern brackets being televised live on ESPNU. We were victim to that a few years back, but I don’t see any of them scheduled before our region games. At lease not right now? If I’m not mistaken this happened last year, but we were saved by a couple of our congressmen getting involved enabling us to see the ESPN3 games fed to local cable? We all can’t go to St. Paul and “nobody” should be left without access to view the games!!

  5. Chad

    Now that we’re in the NCAA tourney, does that mean no Sioux on the jersey? If not, what do the other jerseys look like and can we buy them anywhere?

    1. Dean

      Lowell is extremely dangerous. Doug Carr has been a rock in net this year and with guys like Wilson and Wetmore they are my pick to come out of the east!

  6. Andy

    Brad, I see that all games are on ESPNU/3. What is the likelihood they will be shown on ESPN2 and/or Classic? If not, viewing options become very difficult. Why does ESPN do this and why do NCAA allow this to happen? As you can imagine, I already am not a fan of the NCAA. I wish College hockey would leave the NCAA altogether and use CHI as the governing body of the sport. I believe this would be best for College hockey in terms of promoting the sport. My two cents!

    1. Dan M.

      I recall hearing Hakstol saying back in December during Sioux boosters that new jersies had been ordered and they expected to receive them from the manufacturer by sometime in February of this year.

  7. Dan M.

    They better not forget to remove the “Sioux” from the fronts of their helmets. The NCAA police will be closely watching.

  8. G&W in Denver

    They should let us see these jerseys now rather than later. I can’t wait to see them. They better not let us wait until game time to see them.

  9. Seattle51

    Hopefully the new Jerseys will have the NCAA logo on the shoulders within a Red circle with a red slash across it……I would enjoy that….

  10. Name*

    BC/BU/UND/UM/UMD on one side while Michigan/Union/Ferris/Miami/Lowell on the other side.

    Anyone else think that is kinda messed up.

  11. Siouxfuture

    Now I know how “in the moment” we are with the hockey news being all playoff’s. But has anyone heard anything about how the Seth Jones visit went?

  12. Nodak Fan

    Anyone living in North Dakota, don’t worry. The game will be aired live, probably on the local ABC network. I believe that was the case last year against RPI in Green Bay.
    And as far as the brackets are concerned, I still can’t fathom how Union gets a No. 1 seed after the Yale last year. And I think four years ago, Clarkson was a No. 1 seed that lost in the first round. Let’s face it, the ECAC teams, as good as they may seem on paper, is no better than a No. 2 seed from the WCHA, Hockey East and CCHA. I bet Miami (Ohio) is jumping for joy to be put in the Bridgeport bracket.

  13. alone in l.a.

    i suppose since native american names and imagery are considered hostile and abusive, the ncaa better drop lacrosse. you know, that native american sport?
    hey, if they did that, all of us could watch north dakota playoff hockey! oh, right, it’s espn.
    i guess we’d have to watch bowling, or billiards, or poker, or… anything but that radical university in north dakota.
    p.s. can’t wait for espn’s coverage of the ncaa hockey semis and final. their coverage between periods is how i make sure i’m up to date on preseason baseball and early round golf tourneys.

  14. SM

    To be the best, you have to beat the best. People can say this and that about the brackets, but the reality is, it comes down to one thing, winning the next game. Every team focuses on their next game and that is all each team needs to focus on. That being said, GO SIOUX!!!

  15. alone in l.a.

    is lacrosse a native american sport? is it insulting to the native american population that privileged, rich, white kids have taken their sport? i wonder.
    and, thanks to espn and the ncaa for caring enough about that sport (which barely a hand full of people watch) to give it priority over ncaa regional playoff hockey games. right.

  16. Bads

    I see Ben Blood has the “A” back on his uniform. So Hak has reversed himself? His “demotion” of Mr. Blood was all lip service?

    What say you Brad Elliott Schlossman?

  17. John Ballard

    Hate to say this. But I do remember seeing that ESPN has locked up the next 5 to 10 regionals & championships. I know its 5 for sure.

  18. Sioux87

    I live in Duluth, MN and have Charter cable and internet. As far as I know ESPN3 doesn’t allow access to the game with ESPN3. Do you know of any “work arounds” or ways to get the UND game on Sat. There are plenty of websites that stream live TV and I was wondering if you knew of any, or any way to access ESPN3? Any advice is appreciated.

    1. cbrooks

      Probably won’t like this answer but you could buy a Xbox(299.99). Buy the Xbox live package for the wifi for 9.99 a month. Your able to get ESPN3 that way. Not the most feesible answer i know but what can you do.

  19. Sioux-per-man

    Not sure on the TV schedule, so we went online and bought tickets to the games.
    Family day this weekend at the XCEl, then back again on Tuesday night for Ranger vs Wild.

    Brad – Have you seen the Sioux any Hotter than they are right now? 10 unanswered goals in the last 2 games? (11 if you count the last one).

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