Drew Shore Signs With Florida

Junior forward Drew Shore, the leading scorer for the University of Denver for the past two seasons, has signed with the Florida Panthers, giving up his final year of college eligibility.

Shore had 22 goals and 53 points in 42 games for the third-place Pioneers. He finished his career with 118 points.

Denver is still expected to have a pair of Shores in the lineup next season — junior-to-be Nick Shore and incoming freshman Quentin Shore. They are all brothers.

Denver also will be keeping an eye on Jason Zucker, a forward prospect who the Minnesota Wild want to sign.

Early signings in the WCHA

Colorado College (1)
Jaden Schwartz, soph, f, St. Louis Blues

Denver (1)
Drew Shore, jr, f, Florida Panthers

Nebraska-Omaha (1)
Terry Broadhurst, jr, f, Chicago Blackhawks

St. Cloud State (1)
David Eddy, jr, f, Calgary Flames

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  1. colroadobison

    Brad – is this a fair list of Sioux to keep an eye on for possible early departures? Kristo, MacWilliam, Knight, Nelson and Dell?

  2. siouxphanphil

    I’m surprised Zucker hasn’t signed yet. His tweet after Friday nights game seemed like a goodbye to me. Maybe I’m reading to far between the lines. As far as UND early exits go I imagine the potential list is Kristo, Nelson, MacWilliam, Knight, and Dell. Can’t really imagine the last three leaving but you never know. I think odds are better Kristo leaves than stays though. Nelson is the interesting one to watch. I think NY will try to sign him but my gut says he will stick around and have a giant junior season.

  3. Mankato Sioux

    I’m trying to think of Gregoire and Hextall as an isolated case, that Kristo and Nelson are as hungry as Frattin and co. were for that national title.

    Here’s hoping.

  4. Kroger

    I have a couple classes with Brock Nelson and he is there every day. He really seems like someone who really values his education. I think he’s staying put. Kristo on the other hand, I can’t imagine would be too upset if he didn’t finish his degree. I think he’s gone. I think Knight, MacWilliam and Forbort all had good years, but not great. I think they’re hungry for more. Of those three, I could see Forbort leaving but not all three. Dell is not drafted and had a (mainly) sub par year. I hear rumors that he isn’t coming back but I would be astonished if he did not return.

    I feel that we are much less in danger for next year than we were for this year. I think of the (approximately) 7 players that could leave early, UND will retain 5.

    1. KB

      Have to agree with you on this. Actually just 15 minutes ago Brock tweeted “Back to the library”. This indicates to me he’s not getting ready to leave any time soon.

    2. northdasotan

      IMO if your not ready to step into the NHL you are better served where you are at.

      When guys come back to school and tell their team they wish they would have stayed…..everybody should listen. Granted this is a fan making the statement but come on, nobody has said they wish they would have left earlier.

      I try not to read between the lines too much but the way I see it, and hope I am wrong. I see Dell leaving early due to the fact the UAH goalie is coming. I see no reason for him to come with Gothberg coming unless Dell leaves. I hope I am wrong though.

  5. Sioux4ever

    I believe that next season this team will be great. With all the injuries, think of how much ice time the freshmen, who would have probably played here and there, racked up. They are probably way ahead of where they would be going into their sophomore year. With all the players back from injury, I think there is an amazing chance next year that this team will be hard to beat.

  6. STB

    Forbort and Dell will both certainly leave although both could benefit from more time at UND (IMO). There are too many rumors that these two will leave to not believe them. Kristo’s situation is interesting. He is the only potential early departure that would have success next year at the pro ranks (AHL or NHL), but I could see him stay put. Mac is also interesting. I could see Toronto pushing him to sign. He is a very under-rated player. I think he was hands down our best D-man this year. I think Knight and Nelson will come back and have big years.

    1. siouxphanphil

      where did you hear these rumors? curious of the sources…. Not saying it’s complete crap but alot of people had “sources” saying Danny’s foot was definately going to get amputated last year…

  7. SM

    It’s been 12 years since a Championship has been earned. A lot of hard work, some puck luck, and getting hot(winning) at the right time(during the NCAA tournament) is needed to to earn a NCAA Championship. If all the players return for next season, The Fighting Sioux would have the much needed depth, college games played experience, and scoring threats . If all things mentioned occur, The Fighting Sioux would have a solid chance to earn the National Championship.

  8. Siouxnami

    Maybe I am getting old, but I hate seeing ANY player leave college hockey early, unless they are full time NHL the next year.

  9. D82NART

    I personally although a number could leave, none of them are NHL ready (very, very good but not there completely yet). Having watched hockey for 40 years I understand the lure of NHL reps who have their own agendas, but once the flashy lights go out and the bus rides begin, most of them say they wish they had stayed.

    If you are as talented as a lot of these guys are, you will be making it either way, life is short and there are not many things you can go back . Your talent will make you money, when your talent fades, it is not serial numbers on the dollars that will be remembered, it is moments like last years run, the locker room and this years turnaround, and your teamates. Very hard to see when dollars are being waved at you and your ego is being strummed.

    My opinion, if you will end up spending most or all your time in the AHL, stay in school, you can never “buy” those memories at any price.

  10. JMSioux

    Speaking of Denver, I thought maybe some would like to know why Don Lucia thought the gophs lost to the UND in 2007 in Denver……a broken finger! As reported in the S/T today: “In 2006-07, it sure looked like the Gophers had everything going for them. They won the WCHA regular-season and playoff titles. Then they went to West Regional at the Pepsi Center in Denver. The Gophers, rated No. 2 nationally like they are now, beat Air Force 4-3 in their first game in Colorado but lost to North Dakota 3-2 in overtime in the region final. Lucia said the day the team left for the regional, defenseman Alex Goligoski broke one of his fingers. With a healthy Goligoski, Lucia said on radio, maybe the Gophers beat the Fighting Sioux. Eight days earlier, the had beaten UND 3-2 in overtime in the title game of the Final Five.”

    1. Rinkpig

      I don’t remember if Goligoski was that dominant when he was playing, but having your star player (which I believe he was) playing less than 100% is a real deal. I know we have made similar excuses when Oshie was dinged or when one of the Johnson brothers were battling through an injury. It might be a stretch, but I’m a bit biased.

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