Jutting Out In Mankato

Troy Jutting is out as head coach at MSU-Mankato, the school announced tonight.

Jutting was with the Mavs for 12 years and twice won the WCHA’s coach of the year award. The Mavs haven’t finished higher than eighth in the last four seasons, though.

Jutting will be re-assigned within the school, which stated in a release: “Jutting’s potential assignments will include fundraising, marketing, program development, capital projects, and community relations, amongst other possible duties.

In addition, Jutting will serve as a special assistant to the president, providing assistance to (President Richard) Davenport in his leadership role with the presidents of the re-aligned WCHA.”

The new coach will have a great base to work with. The Mavs had a strong rookie class this year and have some standout recruits lined up. One scout said earlier this year that he thinks the Mavs have a good chance to win the newly aligned WCHA in 2013-14.

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  1. Chicago UND Fan

    Brad, with him moving to another position within the university this kind of seems like a “mutual decision”, you hear any word about Jutting wanting to move out of the head coaching job.

    Kind of a bummer, I always like the Mankato games I know they didn’t win a lot of games but they always played us hard.

    1. Mankato Sioux

      He’s still under contract, but I sincerely doubt that he opted out of the head coaching gig himself.

      The feeling on campus is definitely positive. Many people feel that the team has been held back by inadequate coaching for quite a while now.

  2. Josh

    Any chance we lose Coach Eades? A lot of folks online are throwing his name around as a possible replacement. Selfishly, I hope the UND coaching staff stays together for a long time.

  3. Tired

    I too have heard these rumors. Right or wrong – linking him to the Minnesota recruiting pipeline that has brought a number of top Minnesota recruits to UND. I am confident he bleeds green, but his time has to be coming, especially as a recent inductee to the Minnesota Coaches Hall Of Fame!

  4. Siouxnami

    Wow, I will miss Jutting. His team played a fun offensive style even though they didn’t have the talent to keep up.

  5. Mike

    No offense, but I had speculation that Jutting’s days might be numbered based on the teams performance the last couple of years. I asked on the blog the last time we played them whether his job was safe and the answer was yes. Most felt that due to injuries he would be back. I didn’t argue, but obviously the administration must have felt that four years of poor performance was a reason to move on.

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