Monique’s Performance Among Best Ever

Grand Forks native and UND junior Monique Lamoureux-Kolls is putting together arguably the greatest performance ever at the IIHF World Women’s Championship.

After her three goal, three assist game Tuesday night against Finland, Monique now has 14 points in three games.

Her 14 points ties the most in the World Championship since 1990 — the tournament’s first-ever year. And she still has two games to go (Friday vs. Russia or Switzerland is next).

What makes it even more impressive is that the IIHF debuted a new format this year, which makes the top teams play against each other in pool play instead of going against some of the worst teams.

The U.S. is ranked No. 1 in the world. They’ve played No. 2 Canada, No. 3 Finland and No. 5 Russia so far. In past years, they played a few games against teams ranked No. 6-8.

The pool of women’s hockey players is probably deeper now than ever before as well.

I plan to have more on Mo’s performance later this week in the Herald.

IIHF World Women’s Championship scoring record

23 points — Cindy Curley, USA, 1990
15 points — Tina Cardinale, USA, 1990
14 points — Monique Lamoureux-Kolls, USA, 2012 (three games)
14 points — Hilary Knight, USA, 2011
14 points — Hayley Wickenheiser, CAN, 2007
14 points — Cammi Granato, USA, 1990

2012 scoring leaders

14 points — Monique Lamoureux-Kolls, USA
11 points — Kelli Stack, USA
8 points — Hayley Wickenheiser, CAN
7 points — Jocelyne Lamoureux, USA

11 Responses

  1. crb1

    Truly amazing. The twins are probably in the top 4 of best womens players in the world. I really find it quite interesting that they were voted only 2nd teamers in the WCHA. Something is just not right about that. Anyways congrats MLK and JL for an awesome tournament so far. I love the Stack/Lam Kolls/Lam line combo. They rock. “Stacksicles”

  2. Spectator

    I’d like to hear comments from WCHA officials on what appears to be a negative bias – that won’t happen but it’s quite obvious and embarrassing for the conference and the integrity of those involved.

  3. LetsGoSioux!

    Who votes for the WCHA postseason awards? Coaches, media?

    I would like to hear from the people who had the twins on 2nd team or maybe left them completely off the ballot!

  4. does not compute

    How is she tied for the most points ever when there is one girl with 15 points and another with 23?

  5. Sioux guy

    I think the voting from coaches and assistants might be weighted with bias because of the agressiveness of the twins. I would also bet that Minnesota coaches wouldn’t vote for the twins for leaving. Add a few more votes of people who probably didn’t consider Monique a defenseman, and you get your result.

  6. Sioux guy

    The numbers Monique is putting up is incredible, but I fear that it could cause women’s hockey to be taken out of the Olympic games at some point. If it is continually Canada and USA with no substantial competition from the rest, I could see the Olympic Committee going with another sport instead of waiting for the sport to grow world-wide on the women’s stage.

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