MSU-Mankato Hires Hastings

Crookston native Mike Hastings will be the next head coach at MSU-Mankato.

MSU-Mankato announced the hire on Saturday afternoon. Hastings will replace Troy Jutting, who was fired a couple of weeks ago after 12 years on the job.

Hastings previously was an assistant at Nebraska-Omaha and the University of Minnesota.

UND associate coach Cary Eades also was interested in the job, but will remain with the Sioux.

Hastings was the only candidate brought to campus for an interview. He also interviewed for the Michigan Tech position last offseason.

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  1. farce poobah

    Maybe I’m old fashioned here, but bringing in only one candidate for an interview is unprofessional. Seems like Mankato panicked. Or – with the announcement that some of Hastings’ salary will be privately fund – a big booster influenced the premature hiring.

    Hastings might be a good coach, but I’m surprised at the lack of a bona fide interviewing process. Until you bring people in you really don’t know. To say “we found our guy” without interviewing the other candidates … makes me question the integrity of the MSU athletic department.

    End rant.

    1. northdasotan

      I agree with you. I feel for Eades for not getting a chance but at the same time am happy for the Sioux program.

  2. Sioux Fan Forever

    Brad – Not sure if you posted on this or not…I couldn’t find it. Kelly Zajac signed an ATO with the Albany Devils…so, he is currently playing with older brother Darcy. Not relevant, just kinda cool.

  3. GF

    Am I the only one who thinks a salary of $225,000/year is rather high? I’m not sure what Hak’s current salary is, but I know back in 2010 he made just over $230,000.

  4. crb1

    I actually thought Haks salary was somewhere in the neighborhood of $400,000 and I am not sure if that was with incentives or not.

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