Analyst Discusses Hakstol Deal

In putting together today’s story about Dave Hakstol’s new six-year contract, I got a couple of quotes from the coach and athletic director Brian Faison. Then, I thought it might add to the story to get comments from someone who is not connected to the university who lives afar.

So, I got in touch with Dave Starman. He’s a college hockey analyst for CBS, who broadcasted a handful of Sioux games this season and has watched many UND games in recent years (including a couple of trips to Grand Forks).

In addition to calling a lot of college games during the year, Starman is extremely connected at the NHL level, so I thought it would be interesting to hear his thoughts. They are below.

On Hakstol’s ability to build teams: “To me, the biggest affirmation of his success is his ability to build a team and to let a team build itself. That’s a trademark of great pro hockey teams. A lot of teams get better because they’re allowed to develop and allowed to make mistakes (early in the season). I look at North Dakota’s teams and they always get better. I think he lets them find their way a little bit.”

On UND: “North Dakota has an identity and it doesn’t change. I think that helps them in recruiting.”

On developing players: “I think you see guys come out of there who understand what pro hockey is, and they understand it because he puts them through a pro-like atmosphere in what he expects from them. When I talk to guys who have been through the North Dakota program, they say that Dave has gotten them not only ready for pro hockey but for life. I get the sense from them that he teaches a lot of life lessons through the game, not taking shortcuts and being accountable. That’s what you see from guys who have moved on from the program.”

On the elusive national title: “Red Berenson is considered a legend. He took over Michigan in ’84 and didn’t win a national title until ’96. Look at Hakstol and what he’s done in terms of putting out great teams consistently and getting players ready for the next level. He has a really good eye for identifying kids who can play at that level. He develops players, he develops teams, he’s been to the tournament every year, he’s been to a bunch of Frozen Fours…”

Starman said he mentioned on a broadcast in Duluth that if he were an NHL general manager, he would be trying to get Hakstol and Scott Sandelin to coach his AHL team, but added that he’s glad they are still in the college game. With new contracts for both of them, it looks like they will be staying a while, too.

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  1. The program has had some great coaches. Hakstol has always been solid in coaching, mentoring and recruiting. Gino Gasparinni likewise always got the best out of his players. Eades also seems to be a real contributor, his passion on the ice when he played was really something to admire.

  2. Four Below

    Despite what a handful of nay-sayers may think (there’s at least one in every crowd), we’re incredibly lucky to have Dave Hakstol and his assistants. The UND has a top-notch hockey organization and I’m proud to be both a fan and an alumnus.

  3. Tired

    I have watched coach Hakstol grow over the years and I am happy for him and his family with the latest contract. I would also be the first to note that my patience as a loyal fan in search of the next national championship is growing thin. Mr. Starman’s insight as to Hak’s coaching style being very similar to that of a successful NHL coach has me thinking; maybe his lack of winning the big one is due to the same. That being his style might better fit an older player! If so, what a terrible irony!

  4. EdinaSiouxFan

    SirVeza, clearly we all know that. In fact, I started a scholarship for one of those other sports. However this is a HOCKEY blog and thus created to discuss hockey. So let’s not try to make something out of nothing.

  5. Sioux-per-man

    Hakstol’s is one of the best coaches in the league. Only two other coaches have won more games than he has in the last 8 years. More NCAA banners will come in time. Now I thought Frattin/Gregoire’s team would have won the whole thing, as well as Duncan/Toews/Oshie would have won it that year. Our Coach can get them there, but when it comes down to a 1 and done tournament, you have to put some of this responsibilty on the players ON those teams. They actually have to go out and win it.

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