Knight Played 3 Months With Broken Hand

UND forward Corban Knight played the last three months of the season with a broken hand, a source has confirmed.

Knight suffered the injury blocking a shot during a series against the University of Minnesota in mid-January. He didn’t miss a game the rest of the season, tallying 19 points in 20 games with the broken hand.

Knight was unable to take faceoffs immediately after sustaining the injury and gave up that duty to linemate Brock Nelson. When asked about it after the game, Sioux coach Dave Hakstol acknowledged that Knight injured his hand blocking a shot, but the severity was not revealed.

Prior to fracturing his hand, Knight was on pace to break his own school record of 59.9 percent in the faceoff circle. He was at 60.5 percent before the injury. After the injury, Knight won 57.1 percent of his draws, which is still remarkably good, but below his career-low average of 57.9 percent from his freshman season.

The injury affected Knight in the faceoff circle and shooting the puck.

Knight wouldn’t shake hands with his right hand at the end of the season, but shrugged it off like it wasn’t a big deal.

The High River, Alta., product also dealt with a lower-body injury, believed to be a high-ankle sprain. Knight sustained that injury against Nebraska-Omaha in mid-December. He missed four games with that injury and returned for the Minnesota series in which he suffered the broken hand.

Knight, who confirmed this week that he’s coming back for his senior season, is a polite, always-smiling, happy-go-lucky kid, but obviously is extremely tough as well. He’s a sure bet to wear either the ‘C’ or an ‘A’ next season.

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  1. SM

    True grit and dedication by Mr. Corban Knight. As Mr. Schlossman suggested, he very well indeed could be wearing a “C” or an “A” with Fighting Sioux pride next year. Mr. Knight’s leadership and work ethic will be very instrumental in the team’s success next season.

  2. onesioux

    I did notice he was going through the handshake lines offering his left hand, and I wondered why. Glad he’s coming back, sounds like he’s as good off the ice as he is on it. Character.

  3. farce poobah

    Corban Knight is better one-handed than most players with two.

    19 points in 20 games, with a broken hand? Unbelievable.
    57% on faceoffs? Unfathomable.

    When I watch Corban Knight play, I think Dave Bolland. Top-three center, good at both ends, can kill penalties, or win a critical faceoff. Scores and also makes his wings better. Reliable.

    Bright future ahead for Corban Knight.

  4. Kroger

    With Knight and Rowney returning, will Rowney move to a wing to play on the first line, or will he continue to be second line center?

  5. Trickey7

    I figured he was hurt in some fashion, but that is pretty tough to play through a broken hand. He didn’t look himself, but sure put up decent numbers and effort with one good hand.

  6. Aroel Avalk

    Anyone notice in the picture above that Corbin is the only one doing the stick salute with his left hand?

  7. UNDAlum_GoSioux

    I noticed his hand was broken well before the season ended. One time he skated back to the bench at the end of his shift. Play had stopped. So he skated to the bench with his glove off and you could see a brace of some sort on his hand.

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