Sanderson Commits To UND

UND has picked up a commitment from Saskatchewan-born forward Coltyn Sanderson, who finished fourth in points in the SJHL last season with 81 in 57 games.

Sanderson will come to UND this fall.

Sanderson is 6-foot-2, 185 pounds and is from Moose Jaw. He just completed his second full season with the Weyburn Red Wings, where he was the captain of the team.

“He’s one of the best captains we’ve had here and I’ve been here 38 years,” Weyburn coach Dwight McMillan said. “He’s a hard-working, young man. He never quits, no matter what the score is. He plays injured. He has great speed and he has the ability to make plays.”

McMillan described Sanderson as a skilled forward.

“I think he’ll be a top college player,” McMillan said. “He has to go there and fit into North Dakota’s systems and plans and I know he will. He’s a willing learner, easy to coach. I’m sure he will progress very quickly there.”

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      1. blah blah blah

        Guess that shows me. But then again, Brad’s the expert. I’m just blah blah blah. đŸ˜€

  1. blah blah blah

    I’m thinking that this means that Paul LaDue won’t be coming this fall. He’ll defer until 2013.

  2. Crb1

    I would love to see Caggulia come in this fall. I suppose it still depends on who leaves or doesn’t come to campus this fall. If Kristo leaves and Koules backs out we may need him.

  3. Ole the goalie

    If he’s anywhere close in talent and excitement to our last player of note from Moose Jaw — Doug Smail — we’ll be in tall clover.

  4. MoSiouxFan

    “He’s hard-working….He never quits….He plays injured.” Sounds to me like he’s made to order for the Fighting Sioux.

      1. I don’t know, just throwing it out there to see if anyone has heard anything. Knight, already said he was coming back. I think it’s almost a fore gone conclusion that many expect Kristo to be gone. Maybe Schloss can shed some light on it.

  5. Big D

    Hard to argue with Hack’s results over the years, but wonder if we are looking at tweaking our recruiting strategy given the “Junior” problem. Seems like we’ve lost out on many of the big Canadian recruits lately. Where’s the next Oshie or Nelson??? All going to Minnesota? Just throwing it out there……..

      1. Siouxscore

        Bittner is far from the level of a Nelson or Oshie, I was actually suprised he was offered by the US development program and then by the WHL as well. He has a lot of work to do and is really kind of a project at this point, if I had to guess I’d doubt he ever plays anywhere after the WHL.

      2. JMSioux

        I guess the point was, who is ND losing more recruits to…the WHL or the rodents? Bittner said he wanted to play for the rodents or the UND. Neither team apparently was interested.

        1. Jones never committed to UND, said he was going to make a decision between the WHL and UND. I am not sure how that is losing out? Last time I checked UND still has a lot of great recruits in the cue.

      1. JMSioux

        Getting a walk-on for JT Miller could be described as “losing out”. Certainly, not a step-up in talent.

          1. JMSioux

            Recent JT Miller and Stephan Matteau decommiting has raised the consciousness of such situations though. It also happened to Michigan in 2011. Now fear is looming over B Lemieux and J Schmaltz. Seth Jones will ranked higher than these players in the upcoming NHL draft. So he certainly would be on the watch list.

    1. Sioux guy

      … all going to Minnesota? Other than Rau, what freshmen at Minnesota performed better in their first year than MacMillan, Parks and O’Donnell? Add Grimaldi, who probably would have put up similar numbers to Rau, and I wonder where you get that somehow our talent is lacking compared to others.

      1. Big D

        Missed the point completely. No one is saying out team lacks talent. Question was whether or not we need to tweak our recruiting strategy, given that the high end Canadian talent seem to be heading to Junior………

  6. SM

    Brad when is Mr. Kristo expected to make a decision on whether he will return or sign a pro contract? I sure wish he’d make his decision sooner rather than later out of respect for the Team and Coaching Staff. This gives them a better idea as what they will have going forward.

    1. Sioux-per-man

      Kristo won’t be offered a contract until Montreal hires a GM. He either signs with them or goes to the hightest bidder come July 1, or goes back into the draft. With Kristo being one of the their top 5 recruits, he will have an entry level deal before July, and he will have a Million reasons not to come back for his senior year.

  7. Old Time Hockey

    Heard that Kristo tweeted that he will be back next year. Should here something official soon.

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