Kristo returning for senior season

Danny Kristo is coming back for his senior season.

Kristo announced the news on his Twitter account this afternoon, saying: “Very excited to let everyone know that I will be playing for the Fighting Sioux next season #siouxwarriors”

Kristo tallied 45 points in 42 games last season and has 109 for his career.

The dynamic right winger should give UND a big offensive boost next season and there’s a good chance he will once again play alongside Corban Knight.

44 thoughts on “Kristo returning for senior season

  1. That’s great news! But I have to wonder, will we have room for Koules, Chyzyk, Caggiula, and Sanderson or will someone get bumped back a year?

  2. Awesome to hear, what’s the news on Dell? Is he simply wrapping up the semester at UND before signing a deal with a team?

  3. Not that my opinion really matters, but I believe Mr. Kristo made the right decision to continue his education at the University of North Dakota and playing his Senior year for the Fighting Sioux. His continued development at UND under the Sioux Coaching Staff will provide him a greater opportunity at playing consistently in the NHL sooner, rather than later. A tip of the hat to Mr. Kristo for his good decision.

  4. What a great bit of news today. Danny will be a hobey candidate for sure.

    Great decision, college is the best time of your life. You have your whole life to work!@

  5. Very surprising. Glad to see he is giving it another year. He still gets knocked around a little bit and he wouldn’t have really benefited signing early. Could of seen if he had to take the money while it was there though. Thought maybe we were loading up on forwards for him leaving. Hopefully we have enough guys to fill a lineup this year.

  6. Fantastic news!! The rest of the WCHA just let out a collective expletive upon hearing this news. Danny made the right decision. I think someone said it best above, enjoy college as much as you can. We look to be a pretty dangerous team next year, can’t wait!

  7. I don’t think it will be bad news for the other recruits. I think it will actually be bad news for players like Gaarder and Dickin and perhaps Senkbeil (who will surely move back to D now). And I think Chyzyk is along the same lines as Dickin. Both were good scorers in juniors… hasn’t appeared yet with Dickin. Unknown entity right now with Chyzyk.

    However…. I think Chyzyk has the potential to be a fan favorite. The last player with almost as few vowels as Chyzyk was a fan favorite: Prpich. :D

  8. Great news. Kristo will be one of the best college players next season if not the best. One more year with Knight at center, could make them two of the best forwards in the country and possibly the best line in the country. Any predictions who plays with them? I don’t think it matters as the lucky one will be good.

  9. It is crystal clear to me that UND has more than a 50/50 chance of retaining our big guns year over year. I don’t know if other colleges can say that or not. I only know our big guns so I’m not sure what the statistics show for other colleges. I think this is a great move by Kristo.

  10. That is ….Awesome! Nice to see the big improvement in Kristo’s overall game last year. I am guessing we will see another step up from him in his Senior campaign. It’s going to be great seeing #7 on the ice again.

  11. Good news for Sioux Dat Nation. Ya’ll need to mark this article to be revisited next April. I predict a 50 point season, or an 11% increase in production. As far as Hobey Baker goes, fat chance. It will be hard to get other media voters to side with Kristo – similar to the situation with Frat-beastly last year.

  12. WOW!!! That is great news for the Fighting Sioux!!!

    Lots of scoring coming back for next year, and with Rocco getting healthy.

    Kristo will be in the running for the Hobey, and with his line mates he could put up a 60 point season, and could very well bring home a 3rd trophey for the RALPH.

    Best of Luck Danny!

      • I’m not sure I can agree with that. You look at good two way players that have come throught (Oshie, Vande, Porter, etc…) and I think there are noticeable differences in the effort of backchecking and hustling to get back on plays.

    • Exactly Brad, his 2 way play was an incredible difference this year. Nearly every forward that goes on to play in the NHL from UND is a 2 way player. It is too tough to make it otherwise, you need to be a freak offensively in todays game not to play defense.

  13. Awesome to see Danny will be wearing a Sioux jersey for one more year. Cant wait to see the KKG line next year (if Brad is right about Rocco being on Kristo and Knight’s line). Now all we need is Dell to stay and i then we will have a beast season next year.

    • Until Grimaldi has proven he can shake the injury bug, I’m skeptical that he can consistently be on the top line. I’m rooting for him.

  14. With the exception of Dell, we now know who we have back next year. As for the skaters, who will be the Freshman we see next year–Cagguila, Koules, Sanderson, Chyzyk, Schmaltz, Crisfield, and HOPEFULLY Seth Jones?? Add Rocco and St Clair to that potential group and we have a lot of freshman next year. If this is the full set of freshman, this is a big team. Will they have to trim the roster? I mean, how many guys can you have on the roster? Will some of the walk-on’s from this year need to be cut?

    Also does O’Donnell qualify for Medical Red-shirt?

    Thanks for any input you all my have.

    • Everyone you listed as rookies will not be coming. I don’t know who is coming and who isn’t yet, but I don’t think everyone will be here. Crisfield is a 2013 recruit. I think LaDue is more likely than Crisfield. None of the walk-ons will be cut. O’Donnell does not qualify for a redshirt.

      • Schmaltz isn’t coming? Really? Where will Chyzyk go then, he’s not eligible for any more juniors as I think he’s 21. Also, I thought you wrote that Sanderson was coming this year? Am I confusing him with someone else? Isn’t he the late addition….I’m confused.

        • Ok, I worded that poorly – meant to say not everyone listed will be coming. Schmaltz will definitely be coming. Sanders will be coming because he’s aged out of juniors. Chyzyk still has one year of junior eligibility left.

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