Travis Zajac’s OT Winner In Game 6

Zach Parise made an outstanding backcheck to break up a 2-on-1 rush on one end, then fellow former Sioux forward Travis Zajac ended Game 6 with an overtime winner, keeping the Devils alive in the NHL playoffs.

After scoring the winner, Pierre McGuire interviewed Zajac on the bench on NBC Sports and McGuire finished the interview by saying: “There are a lot of people back in Grand Forks, North Dakota who are happy for you right now.”

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  1. dcSIOUXfan

    Schlossman… is the Herald going to fly you down to Naples to cover the AHCA convention?

    If not, maybe you should go down as an advocate for a return to the pre-’92 playoff format.

    1. Sioux-per-man

      He will be a Ranger or a Red Wing, before he will be a Wild. Parise wants to go to a cup contender, for about 6 – 7 Million a year. I don’t see him as a Wild player next year.

    2. jt68

      Yeah, why would he want to play (no offense) for the most boring franchise in hockey, he’d do better in Toronto, but im hoping for Chicago!

      1. Sioux-per-man

        The teams that have the cap space for his contract, would be the Rangers and the Red Wings. As a Ranger fan, and huge Parise fan, I hope he takes the Rangers offer and plays with Gaborik and Richards. He could be a Stanley Cup champion for many years, and he is alreadys settled in the New York area. It could happen šŸ™‚

  2. Sioux-per-man

    Zajac, Parise, Greene, Oshie & Porter, and Coach Dave Tippet – all Fighting Sioux Alums that still have a chance to put their name on the Stanley Cup. Good year for the Fighting Sioux in the post season. It would be nice to have the cup visit again over the summer.

    Nice plug by McGuire last night at the end, how could we not be proud of our Fighting Sioux Players?

  3. SM

    Nice shot by Mr. Zajac! If Mr. Zajac can remain healthy (injuries really have set him back this season), he has the potential to be a top points scorer for the Devils. It is always nice to hear acknowledgement of Grand Forks, North Dakota and the University of North Dakota. Thank you Mr. McGuire for the comment. I would love to see Mr. Parise in a Blackhawks or Rangers uniform next season, but I’m not so sure the Devils will let him go.

    1. Sioux-per-man

      Devils can’t afford his contract. (They have to get a pre payment from the NHL to pay for the light bill at the rock) The owners are out of money, and this could be the last year the Devils are competitive for a long time. Kavolachuk’s contract is going to be the death of them. No chance Parise takes a pay cut to be the Captain of a 2nd tier team, when he could play for an original 6 team that has the money and the team to compete for a Cup every year.

  4. Peter Blunt

    His postgame interview is also proof that he went to class as well. Best of luck to all the remaining ND players and coaches competing for the Cup.

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