Koules Headed To Medicine Hat

Miles Koules tweeted this afternoon that he has decided to play for the Medicine Hat Tigers in the WHL instead of UND.

Koules had committed to UND prior to going to the U.S. National Team Development Program after he finished playing for Shattuck-St. Mary’s.

The Sioux have lost three recruits to Canadian major juniors in the last 10 months. All three of them played at the National Team Development Program.

There’s more in this story in the Herald.

I will likely be getting in touch with Koules for more on Monday.

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  1. SiouxSioux

    That sucks but not as bad as losing the commitment from Matteau. Miles Koules’ development really cooled off this year. UND will have pretty good forward depth for the 2012-2013 season.

    I honestly don’t think he’d be seeing a whole lot of minutes compared to what he’ll probably get at Medicine Hat.

  2. blah blah blah

    Anyone else growing concerned that the NTDP is becoming more and more an inroad for Americans to showcase their talent to Major junior teams?

    It’s not the majority of NTDP players that go to Major Juniors but the number is growing.

    1. Sara

      I prefer we stop recruiting the kids at that program personally. It’s become a guessing game about who the next one will bail on their college scholarship next.

      1. Robert Zimmerman

        My thoughts exactly when I saw this. There’s too much other talent out there to have this happen to your team on this consistent of a basis. Best of luck, Miles.

      2. Josh

        But as Brad pointed out, Miles committed to UND before he started playing for the NTDP so he wasn’t recruited out of there. I believe Chris Wilkie is another recruit who committed to UND and then accepted an invite to the NTDP. The coaches can’t just drop a recruit because he decided to play for the NTDP. Hopefully Wilkie makes it to campus.

        1. Sara

          Of course not, but there has to be something in the culture at the NTDP. This is just a troubling pattern.

    2. scpa0305

      Yes, the whole NTDP has paid off on the Int’l tournaments but it has equally hurt our college recruiting. Although, Koules’ development has been slowing for some time. We don’t hear from this guy again.

  3. UND Fan

    Not that Miles was a huge loss to the Sioux, but something has to be done about keeping the coaching staff of the US National Team Development in check when it comes to the poaching of potential players in the US. Since it’s a national team can political pressure from congress and the US senate be applied?

    1. Sioux guy

      … are you serious? We actually have problems in this country that need to be addressed, and this is not one of them.

  4. crb1

    Really to bad. The thing that rubs me is when a person gives their word they should stick to it. Otherwise what do we have.

    1. Like when Gregoire gave his word to Denver and then came to UND?

      Listen, verbals are just that, verbal commitments, both ways. Until someone actually signs a LOI, they are free to move about the systems as they choose.

      Now, when someone signs a LOI, and then jumps, that’s certainly different, and needs to be addressed. I think the college coaches are working hard to rectify that issue, but it’s hard when it’s a one way street.

      There was a day when college players were, for the most part, not recruited by the CHL. Now, college hockey is much better and both entities are going after the same players. Problem is, it’s not a level playing field. College hockey has very specific rules with severe consequences for violations. The CHL has rules, but it seems everyone there is willing to look the other way anytime a team can get a high end player by hook or by crook or cash.

      Don’t know how you fix that until the NHL is willing to get involved (they are the major funding source for the CHL). But, in the end, they just want quality players, and they seem to be getting them either way.

      Just look how easily Kreider has stepped in for the Rangers, in the Playoffs, and is a top 6 forward already. College hockey is fine. They just need to work to make LOI’s enforceable across all leagues, and that’s going to be tough to do.

      1. Josh

        JT Miller, Stefan Matteau and Miles Koules signed LOIs so it’s definitely disappointing that all three decommited within the same year.

      2. Cutter

        Gregoire changed his commitment when Denver changed the year they wanted him. All things being equal in the year he beings college, he choose UND. Denver got the original commit because they told him they wanted him a year earlier than UND.

  5. Ron Seeley

    Koules would not have signed a LOI unless he was coming this fall, which I don’t believe he was. You cannot sign a LOI until you are actually going to the school the following fall. Everything before that is a verbal only.

    1. Joel

      Koules was scheduled to come in this fall and I believe Brad said he signed his LOI during the early signing period last November.

  6. GoSioux

    Call me old fashion, but a commitment is a commitment, verbal or otherwise. What are we teaching these kids by allowing them to walk away from their commitments? I don’t care if that means someone doesn’t come here because they committed somewhere else! Most of these kids would benefit more if we just made them stick to a commitment!

  7. Maple Grove Sioux

    I’ll reiterate my earlier concern about what exactly is going on at the U.S. NTDP. I’m curious if there are any other schools with this kind of “success” with the NTDP. I can’t help but wonder if someone at the NTDP is steering kids away from college in general (at the least) or UND in particular (at the worst).

    1. Nathan Fournier

      The NTDP isn’t steering these kids to major junior….The CHL fanbase says there’s a bias for not picking American players that didnt choose the NTDP when it comes to the WJC. Its the players choice…While theres been seven in the last ten months to decommit from a school to the CHL as Chris Peters tweeted this morning theres 30 players going to colleges from the program.

      I think we will see more highly touted players take the Jeremy Morin, Patrick Kane, Seth Jones, Jacob Trouba approach and not make a commitment until their draft year has started on their future plans.

  8. Viking1

    Most of these kids taking the major junior route flame out quickly and are soon forgotten. College gives them a fail-safe option, as opposed to Major Junior (which is definitely “all or nothing”). The fact that there are so FEW NHL opportunities (and those that ARE available are generally pretty fleeting) gives some insight into the character of the players making said choice. Doesnt mean they are bad kids (and ALL are uber-talented players), but they would DEFINITELY be a bad choice for the Sioux….

    1. scpa0305

      I am a huge Sioux fan and am very disappointed in certain players going against their commitments….however, you are 100% wrong. You let your bias for the Sioux overlook how great the WHL is. The CHL league produce the bulk of NHL rookies every single year. Also, most kids (American I am assuming from your post) do not completely flame out (see JT Miller, he is having a great time in the OHL). Also, when you play in the CHL you get your schooling paid for after that.

      Now in saying that, there DEFINITELY must be something enforced with actually signing LOI’s. Once signed, that should be it. THe CHL can know longer speak to a kid once the have signed a college LOI.

      1. Viking1

        Actually my point was that IF they make the NHL and their career is shortlived (as most are) and/or spent in the minors on the low end of a 2-way contract, they have nothing to fall back on (ie education). Granted, salaries dictate that a guy will make a lot of $$ short-term, but the poor house is stocked with ex-pro athletes who blew their signing bonuses. Obviously Tier 1 juniors is a great proving ground, but it is NO guarantee of success. As for “paying for your schooling”, I would REALLY love to see the statistics of how many players actually go back and get a degree after failing at an NHL bonanza. I would venture it would be minute (probably less than 10%).

        100% wrong my keester….. 🙂

  9. northdasotan

    USA hockey is about building talent for the NHL. The USNDP is a source for the most talented kids (or at least most popular) in the US to play on one team. They want to send kids to the NHL…. period. There are hundreds if not thousands of kids out there that can play but don’t get noticed. The Sioux will be just fine without him. Look at Gaarder, the kid loves hockey and proved to be a good player. Some kids grow up hockey players, some kids grow up wanting to be hockey players. I will take the kid that wants it.

  10. JMSioux

    UND has to go after this players. Better than having them show up on other rival rosters. The only problem with Miller was it was such a late deommit that he had to be replaced with a walk-on. the UND has ample time and recruits to replace Matteau and Koules. What harm actually came to the UND for recruiting Koules? None, except maybe the publicity surrounding the disappointment in someone decommitting. What was the upside? He could have contributed. As for Seth Jones, if he wants to say no now…that’s fine. If he commits and then decommits in August….not so good. But every effort should be made to sign SJ.

  11. SM

    Question for all players deciding on where to continue their hockey development: Why commit to one team, only to change your mind at a later date? This is immature decision making and a slap in the face to those persons who recruited you and received a commitment from you. Mr. Miles Koules is the latest prime example of this to occur for UND. A commitment is just that, a commitment. If a player is unsure of where they want to play, they should not commit, it is as simple as that. Fulfilling commitments is a major part of life, and committing to a team is no different. I hope all players who have committed to a respective team read this and follow my advice.

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