10 thoughts on “Matt Greene’s shorthanded GWG

  1. It appeared to me that shot was probably harder than it looked. It seems like he had to elevate it over the pads on the fly from close range to the pads. I could not quite tell if he elevated it or did it stay on the ice and just find a hole? I don’t have a NHL team per se so which ever Sioux makes the run, that is who I am going for. Greene would be a great champion for sure.

  2. Odd game. A crazy hard check from behind into the boards gets 2min, but an Oshie accidental high stick gets a double minor during a critical part of the game taking the Blue’s top scorer out of it.

  3. Saw Greene play down in Tampa in March, not only did he get an assist-but he also gave a “head nod “during pre-game warm ups acknowledging the Sioux gear I was wearing. A beast of a defenseman to say the least.

  4. Any team in the CHL with players with a hand in as many highlight or game winning goals in this years Stanley Cup playoffs as the Sioux have had.

  5. Ok, I’m thrilled for Matt of course as a loyal UND fan…

    but watch the faceoff more closely; LA #33 sure seems to interfere with Oshie (74) before making his dash…I’m no rocket scientist, but I don’t know if that goal “shoulda been”….

  6. Love seein’ D get shorties in the NHL, especially when they wore some Kelly Green!
    By the way, who saw Oshie blow up Penner last night??! Interesting scene considering Greene was on the ice at the same time of the scrum…

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